Bitcoin Casino Guide

Bitcoin has been around for some time, but it never been a hotter than now. Today everyone is talking about the cryptocurrency; investors as well as us common folk who likes playing casinos online.

Bitcoin is rebellious, exciting and anonymous. It’s hip and part of the future. For bitcoin casinos it’s been a success from the start. More about that later. Let’s begin by quickly describe how mysterious virtual coin works.

In contrast to the USD bitcoin doesn’t have anyone controlling it. The coins are mined according to an algorithm at a predetermined speed. So if the demand raises faster than the mining, the value of the coin will increase. That’s what we have seen the last few years when the value has sky rocketed.

To carry your coin; you don’t need a purse, but you need a wallet. Preferable and online based wallet that gives you the freedom to buy stuff online. To start gambling with bitcoins you need to choose a gambling site that accepts deposits of bitcoins. We call these gambling sites for bitcoin casino. We recommend that you to choose with care. In the list above; you find some of the best bitcoin casinos on the market. We have carefully selected from our own experience, their reputation in the business and after test playing them ourselves. To play a bitcoin casino you need to:

Open an account with a trusted casino
Connect it to your bitcoin wallet (or, the casino will guide you how to set up an E Wallet)
Make your first deposit and perhaps enjoy a welcome bonus
Play around and have fun!
There are many pitfalls when you choose your online bitcoin casino. We will do our best to help you find what you’re looking for.

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Two kinds of bitcoin casinos

  1. Before we continue to dive deeper into this bitcoin casino guide we’d like to talk about what a bitcoin casino is. There are two kinds of casinos who accept bitcoins. The first type of gambling site is all about bitcoins. On these sites you deposit in bitcoin you play with casino bitcoin and you can withdraw potential winnings in the same currency. These casino bitcoin sites are for you who wants to be 100% anonym when gambling. If this is what you are looking for we recommend: BitStarz, mBitCasino or Cloudbet. They are all using bitcoins
  2. The second type of bitcoin casino method is a casino that allows you to deposit money in bitcoins but you’re playing in USD or EURO. Your money is instantly converted to your preferred currency. When you want to withdraw your money you need to use for instance bank transfer. On these casinos, it will be hard to stay anonymous since you’ll need to prove who you are before you can withdraw your money. This kind of bitcoin gambling casino can be a good idea if you want to sell your bitcoins fast and convert them to cash. Some examples of casinos that use this method are NordiCasino, Buzzluck, Lafiesta Casino.

Advantages with bitcoin casinos to regular casinos

One of the major advantages of bitcoins is that all transactions are free. There is no back controlling the money, none who has anything to gain from each transaction. This is perhaps the main reason why bitcoin so fast became popular among online casinos. At a bitcoin casino, the players can do as many deposits or withdraw as they like daily. They are almost instant and free.

Credit card companies have a genius business model. They have found a way to charge us 2-3% on every purchase without any protests. In fact; most of us don’t even know that they do that. Instead of charging the end-user us, they charge the store who sell the product. The store has to take the blame when they raise their prices. But who is paying the credit card charges in the end? We do by the higher prices. If we go back to the online casino. At a bitcoin casino, there are no costs for money transactions. This means that the casino can give back more to us players instead. A bitcoin casino has lower costs and faster transactions than a regular casino.

Casino chips in bitcoinSince bitcoins are not regulated it’s been a paradise for developers to play around with. Many bitcoin casinos have developed their own game platforms that are better accustomed to playing with bitcoins. One example of this innovation is Just-Dice. Just-Dice opened up for it’ players to invest in the house in order to develop a better and more user-friendly product. Just-Dice is just one success story of many. There is an innovated community around bitcoin that favour the bitcoin casinos in a way normal lack support from their users.

Casinos that are purely based on bitcoin can also offer their customers anonymity. You don’t need to give away any details about yourself in order to play. At casino bitcoin, there are no records of your bank statements or credit cards that can be traced to you. There are many reasons why people want to keep quiet about their gambling. Casinos with bitcoins can give you that privacy.

Top bitcoin casinos 2018

We are lucky to have the opportunity to test play many bitcoin casinos. Almost daily we get proposals from different operators to test their sites and we do. We do test a lot of casinos. This gives us an edge on the market. None is so active like we are. In this section, we will present some of our top bitcoin casinos 2018.

  1. Bitstarz Casino – There are more than 250 BTC gambling sites on the market today. Of them, there are a few top bitcoin casinos. To quality one this list the casino needs to allow their players to engage fully with Bitcoin: Deposit, wager and withdraw. One of them is Bitstarz Casino. They are a hybrid which allows both cryptos and regular money. They offer their customers a free bonus to test the casino, something we also approve of. The free bitcoin bonus is not about winning, but about testing the site with a little chance to go home with the big cash. Bitstarz Casino is delivering a great gambling experience for those of our readers who like online bitcoin casinos.
  2. A strong contender on this list of top bitcoin casinos 2018 is Wild Tornado Casino. It doesn’t sound like a casino bitcoin, but it really is. They offer the full package for the gambling interested BTC player.
    The mobile version of the site is outstanding and supply of games can keep the most notorious slots zapper busy for a long time. As an extra bonus, they have a bonus VIP program that makes it easy to get hold of some extra money. We can highly recommend Wild Tornado to any player who wants to play with bitcoin.
  3. For hardcore bitcoin players, Crypto Games could be an interesting alternative. Forget the nice design that Bitstarz and Wild Tornado present. At Crypto Games is everything about cryptocurrencies. They offer dice games, slots, table games and lotto. Choose a game, choose a currency and the game is on! This is a more traditional bitcoin casino which many players like. The speed is faster and you can see small bet pouring in when you’re playing

Playing casino bitcoin in a restricted country

Gambling is a hot subject in many countries today. In Europe, some countries have banned all gambling online, in other countries only licensed casinos are allowed to operate. In order to make it harder for people who still want to play casinos online the government is blocking casino sites and/or block different payment methods.

For gambling interesting citizens playing casino with bitcoin is one solution. Even if the big gambling sites are blocked, smaller less known casinos using bitcoins are most probably available. A casino bitcoin doesn’t care who you are. To them, you’re a 26-35 digits’ combination of letters and number and an email address. (It doesn’t sound very nice, but in this case, it’s exactly what the player needs in order to play.)

Even if you manage to deposit money into a casino from a restricted country with your credit card, the casino might later make trouble if you want to withdraw the money. Using bitcoins in a restricted gambling country prevents these kinds of situations.

If your favourite bitcoin casino still is blocked (or become blocked) you can always use a VPN in order to get a foreign IP address.

Gambling with full anonymity

As we mention above there are two kinds of bitcoin casinos. One of them uses casino bitcoins in everywhere in their system. You bet in bitcoin and you keep your balance in casino bitcoin. On these gambling sites, you are free to be completely anonymous if you want. In some countries gambling with full anonymity is required if you want to play at all. At we don’t put values in things. We are only trying put give you the best bitcoin casino info we can possibly provide.

Is it safe to play at a bitcoin casino?

One reason we created this bitcoin casino guide was to make our readers aware when they are about to choose a new casino to play at. Like with regular casinos there are some bad apples out there and it’s important to be careful in your choice. A common question among gamblers is, however, a casino is safe to play at.

  • The casinos we are dealing with should have a Gambling licence from for instance Malta Gambling Authority, Curacao Gambling Commission UK Gambling Commission or Montenegro Gambling Commission. This is quality stamp you should look for before you deposit money.
  • A second thing that is good to have a look at is the casino’s terms and condition. There are some shady operators out there and it important that you’ve read the T&C so you’re aware of their bonus and withdraw conditions.
  • Most bitcoin casino games are operated by a third party – the game provider. There are more than 100 casino developers on the market. The casino has no power over the games on the casino. It’s the game providers that have programmed the slots so the RTP is around 96%. The game providers are regulated by the gambling commissions which gives us players extra security.

What the casino can do to cheat you is to deny you to withdraw your money. There are some bad apples, we are doing our best to monitoring them to be able to warn our readers. Our recommendation is to be cautious. Read reviews, player opinions and perhaps deposit a smaller sum the first time in order to test if you can withdraw your money.

What about bitcoin casino bonus?

It’s a common mistake that bitcoin casinos don’t carry any welcome bonuses. In truth, a casino bitcoin is offering as much deposit bonuses as any other casino. In fact; some casinos offer up to 10BTC in bitcoin welcome bonus. As of today, that would be worth around €100K. We have been working on gambling for many years. Up to this day we have never come across a welcome bonus nearly as big as that.

So how are the bitcoin casino bonuses structured? Normally the bitcoin deposit bonus doubling your BTC with a 100% bonus. Since there are over 100 casinos that accept bitcoins there are big variations. Some casinos offer 200, 300, even 500% welcome bonus. Normally second deposit comes with a 50% bonus. So far we have only covered casinos that focus on bitcoin bonuses. As we learn in the beginning of this bitcoin casino guide there are many casinos that accept bitcoins, but immediately convert them to EURO or USD. Those casinos focus on cash bonuses and free spins like any other casino on the market.

Before you make casino deposit in bitcoins, make sure that you have read and understood the terms & conditions (T&C) for playing and withdrawing your money. Nearly all bonuses come with wagering requirements. If you’re required to wager your bonus money 40x times and you deposited 100mBTC with a 100% bitcoin bonus you will need to bet at least 4BTC in total before the bonus money is yours. This is very important that you understand and is usually that main reason there are complaints about how casinos treat their players. There is a big span between casinos how they deal with wagering requirements. Some go as low as 15 times while others can have 80 times. This naturally is essential to before you become a member. Typically, these requirements are about 30-35x.

Can I get free bitcoins?

The answer is yes, there are many bitcoin casinos that give you free bitcoins to play with. Keep an eye out for bitcoin casino no deposit bonus and you’ll for sure find some casinos. Free bitcoins are common as a bitcoin sign bonus when you become a new member of a casino. In order to get the bonus, you need to give the casino your email address and connect your bitcoin account.

Free bitcoin bonuses normally come with higher wagering requirements. The idea from the operators’ side is not that you should win and withdraw your free bitcoin. The bonus is rather a way for you to test the gambling environment and see if you like it. You get paid for testing! The beautiful thing is that there is always a chance – a chance that you actually win big with your free bitcoin bonus. We remember the 20 years old student from Norway who claimed a no deposit free spins bonus at Betsson.  He played on the legendary slot Mega Fortune and won €11.3M without betting a single penny himself. The chance to win with a free bonus is there, even if it’s small! Test for yourself, you have nothing to lose.

Can I play bitcoin casino on my phone?

Did you know that 50% of the casino traffic is mobile in Scandinavia today? Sounds high right? In truth, these numbers are low compared to many other countries. In Scandinavia, many players still use computers in comparison to other areas. Where the computer density is lower the mobile traffic plays an even bigger part. Some casinos have 80% users on mobile phones. Who can afford to lose 80% of its customers? Nobody casino to that!

Even if the bitcoin users are more computer oriented than other players most bitcoin casinos have implemented a mobile version of its casino. A bitcoin casino mobile looks like a normal casino. There are even some sites that have developed their own mobile application. The mobile users will only increase in the future. Since bitcoin casinos often accept players globally it’s increasingly important to be able to meet the different requirements. A stable bitcoin casino android platform will make it easier to do so.

Pitfalls in Bitcoin casinos

As soon as money is involved there are ways we can lose them. Of course, you can lose money in gambling, but this article is not about losing money to a slot machine, but rather what to look out for when you play casino online, or more precisely when you play at a bitcoin casino. This is our guide to how to avoid the pitfalls in bitcoin casinos.

Wagering requirement – The bonus trap

We once wrote a website about playing casino without bonuses. The downside with that is of course that you get less money to play with. The question you need to ask yourself; do you really need more money? The casino is giving you a bonus in order to get you to stay longer at the site. Few bitcoin casino bonuses come without a wagering requirement. That means, in order to withdraw the bonus money, you need to wager them a number of times.

We read peoples’ stories online bonus requirements and wagering requirements are the most discussed subject. – How could the casino do that to me? It’s not fair! If every player went to the casino and played for a long time with the money and bonus no wagering requirements would be necessary. But there are a lot of bitcoin bonus abuse so the wagering requirements are there to protect the casino.

So what is the solution? The most important thing is to read the T&C, the terms and conditions for playing at a bitcoin casino. Here you will get the information you need in order to make a good decision. We recommend you to choose a bitcoin casino with wagering requirements of 30-40x. This is normal and quite easy to handle.

Wagering requirement on deposits

It’s not common, but there are bitcoin casinos who have put a wagering requirement on any money that is deposited to their site. It means that you need to wager your money even if you don’t get any bonus for them. This is something we don’t like, but it happens in some cases. We think it’s fair to have wagering requirements on a bitcoin casino bonus, but not on your own money. The best way to avoid this pitfall is to always check the T&C on the bitcoin casino in order to know what requirements there are.

Bad apples among bitcoin casinos

Even if most bitcoin casinos have a gambling license you’ll see that they are not as hardly controlled as regular casinos. Even among the bitcoin casino with gambling license, there are some bad apples. These casinos can withhold withdraws, have customer support that doesn’t answer or just mess with you as a player. The best thing is to stay as far away as possible from those casinos. They give the business a bad reputation and nobody likes them. Hence, the way to protect yourself is to read reviews and comments from other players and websites about the casino before you choose to deposit money. We do regular controls of the bitcoin casinos on our site. If we get the notion that some players are treated badly by a casino we will red flag them. But ultimately it’s the player’s responsibility to make the decision of where to play. We will do the best we can to help you find a good bitcoin casino, however.

Game developers that cheat

Then it comes to cheating in an online casino, it’s rarely the casinos which cheat. There are cases where some slots have been proven faulty. It’s been proven that the algorithm doesn’t give back as much as it says it should. There are some blacklisted game developers like SkillOnNet which has been caught using non-random games.The best way to protect yourself towards these kinds of frauds is to play on well-known casino games like slots from Netent, Micro Gaming, Playtech, Yggdrazil. There are many reliable brands to the risk for you to hit a bad one is quite small

The weakness of anonymity

Sometimes it’s nice to be anonymous, but sometimes it’s good to have proven your identity. If you’re completely anonymous at a bitcoin casino you run a bigger risk that you’ll lose your money if the account gets hacked. Nobody knows who owns the account so if somebody else takes control over your bitcoin casino account you’ll be in trouble. It will be easier to empty the account and it will be harder to get back the control over the account via the casino. If you have proven who you are, then it would be enough to send in your ID and the customer support would be able to help you.

The best way to avoid this problem is to share your login details with nobody. Make sure that you have a strong random password that only you have access to. If you do that, you can stay anonymous as long as you want.

The value of a bitcoin

A few years ago a bitcoin was not worth much more than a Big Mac. In the beginning of 2018 (when this text was last updated) a bitcoin is worth more than €14 000. This means that when you’re playing with casino bitcoins. You play with a lot of money. To make it easier if you’d lose, make sure that you understand the value of your BTC before you play. Sometimes with a virtual currency, it’s hard to connect virtual reality with the reality. It simply more difficult to understand the value of something online than when if you’d have 140x €100 bills in your hand. Our recommendation is to know the value of your bet before you do it. Then you can handle both winnings and losses better.