Bitcoin Casino Guide

The BRUTAL TRUTH is that there are too many online casinos on the market today! All casinos exist to make money, but some are downright SHADY in their methods.This bitcoin casino guide aims to help you MAXIMIZE your gambling experience by presenting reputable casinos, unique offers and guide to how to play casino in your country. Is bitcoin gambling LEGAL?

Yes, it is and no it’s not. Playing with bitcoins doesn’t make gambling legal all countries, but it gives you an opportunity to play despite that!

We will show you how…

In Part 1 of this guide, we will tell you everything about how to play bitcoin casino: What you need, why and how you get started…

Part 2 covers various bitcoin bonus offers

Part 3 presents what games are available to you

In Part 4 all the good to know information about bitcoin gambling.


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How to play bitcoin casino

In this guide we answer three basic questions:

  1. How to play bitcoin casino?
  2. How do you play in your country?
  3. How to choose the right casino?

This will be fun!

Quick guide – How to play bitcoin casino:


  1. Get a bitcoin wallet
  2. Buy bitcoins from an exchange
  3. Transfer bitcoins to your wallet
  4. Choose a bitcoin casino from the list above
  5. Open an account
  6. Make a deposit – Get a welcome bonus
  7. Start playing – Be Happy, Go Lucky!

Bitcoin is rebellious, exciting and anonymous. It’s hip and part of the future. For bitcoin casinos, it’s been a success from the start

Wanna cheat?

Take a look at our Bitcoin Gambling Infographic! Click on image to enlarge it!

Bitcoin Wallets

To carry a bitcoin, you don’t need a purse, butyou do need a wallet. Bitcoin can be stored in many ways depending on what security level you choose to have.

Security vs Convenience!?

The safest way is to keep your keys offline on a specific bitcoin drive or print the codes. These methods are safe, but not very convenient when you want to play.

Instead, we recommend you to store your bitcoins in a mobile-based wallet. That gives you good security and it’s easy for you to access your coins.

Here are some easy to use mobile wallets:

In a mobile-based wallet, you access your BTC via an app. The interfaces are user-friendly and intuitive. You can set up the account in a few minutes.

One Bitcoin wallet that has specialised in bitcoin gambling is Cubits. It’s integrated directly to the casinos’ payment system. We have found more than 100 casinos which accept Cubits.

Keep an eye out for their logo. If you find that in the footer of the casino you know they use Cubits as a payment method for BTC.

There are no good guides out there for Cubits, so we decided to create one. Check out our Ultimate Cubits Casino Guide here.

If you want to know more about Bitcoin Wallets we recommend

Are you as excited as we are?

Buying bitcoins

It’s time to get some bitcoins. Easiest is to buy them from a crypto exchange. Here are some we recommend

  • Kraken
  • Coinbase
  • Bitstamp

Even if all these offer wallets as well, it’s highly recommended to keep your coins at a separate wallet. This improves security! It’s the exchanges that most hackers are targeting.

These recommended exchanges are all regulated. It means you need to provide ID in order to set up an account. It takes a few minutes longer, but it much safer to buy bitcoins at a regulated source. Then you know that you don’t get scammed.

Don’t worry about anonymity!

If you want to be anonymous you become anonymous as soon as you transfer bitcoins to your wallet. Green Address, for instance, is completely anonymous!

Transferring Bitcoins

Sending bitcoins is a piece of cake. You just need to copy the bitcoin address of the receiver and paste it as the receiver. IMPORTANT! Be careful, and check so you’ve copied the correct address. All bitcoin transactions are irreversible!

  1. Copy address of the receiver
  2. Paste in for the recipient
  3. Check so everything is correct
  4. Click send

This is all you need to do in order to start playing with bitcoins.

Now you know the basis!

Excellent news!

This is no ordinary guide, so we have taken our bitcoin gambling guide a few steps further. Let’s begin by how we can play bitcoin casino in various countries.

As already stated; Is bitcoin gambling legal?

The answer is still the same too J Gambling with bitcoins doesn’t make gambling legal in a country where betting is illegal, to begin with. Bitcoins are, however, a way to go around the ban!

We have created unique gambling guides for the _US, Germany, France, Spain, Japan, Turkey, Russia, Italy, South Korea, India, the UK_and_Australia_.

Quickly – This is the choices you have!

  • Play at a casino which is licensed in your country
  • Choose a foreign casino which accepts players from your country
  • Use VPN to bypass all IP restrictions

In countries where gambling is legal, you can access any casino which allows players from your country. Check out our Unique filter function to find out which bitcoin casino is available to you!

If gambling is illegal you can choose a casino which still allows players from your country to register and play. Sometimes these casinos are IP blocked on a national basis.

The casino wants you to play there so you can easily use a VPN “to move abroad”. When you have bypassed the IP ban you can register an account. Bitcoins hide your transactions better than traceable credit cards.

Your third choice is to use a VPN to access the casino from any country you like. This allows you to play at any casino out there.

Be careful with this option though. It’s likely that the casino will make a KYI (Know your customer) and then you need to find a way to “prove” that you are in that country you claim to be…

These tips are just guidelines on how you can play casino or sportsbook in any country with bitcoins. Naturally, it’s up to the individual to choose what one wants to do.

By now you know a lot of how to play casino with bitcoins. This guide is however far from finished. There are some pitfalls and general tips we’d like to share with you. But first, we’d like to show you how to find the best casino.

Take a deep breath. It’s time to FLY!

What sets the eagle apart?

There are millions of animals, but the eagle is simply cooler! Its carved beak and majestic wings set it apart. Welcome to the EAGLE of casino guides!

What makes us the Eagle?

We have specialized in bitcoin casinos and made it our passion to guide you through the maze of online casinos. We aim to maximize your gambling experience through:

  2. LARGEST supply of bitcoin casinos
  3. More EXCLUSIVE bonus offers
  4. Country SPECIFIC gambling guides
  5. LONGER casino reviews

What makes us COOL is that we are here for you. Let us tell you how.

In the unique filter function, you can find casinos that are available in your country and in your language in a few seconds. Test it out here

We have checked the terms and conditions for each casino. All you need to do is to use the filter.

What makes it unique? It’s larger than any other. We really checked each country in the T&C and talked with the support. We have also marked up the pure BTC casinos.

“Do it well or not at all.”

We have reviewed more bitcoin casinos than any other. So far we have found and reviewed 150+ casinos for you.

Does the size matter? (A question all men ask, and all women lie to and say: no it doesn’t)

Size does matter…

Our SIZE let us choosethe best casinos to recommend to YOU!

Our SIZE gives us leverageon the casino to offer our readers EXCLUSIVE bonuses. On CBS you’ll find more special offers than in any other bitcoin guide.

Our SIZE gives us more experiencein BTC gambling to share with you.

We’d like to help out

No matter what country you live in we believe it’s up to you if you want to gamble.

In our gambling guides, we will show you what casinos are available or how you should access the casino you’re interested in.

There three ways to play a casino in any country

  • Pick a licensed casino for your country
  • Pick a casino which offers their services for global players
  • Use a VPN to access any casino

The options vary between countries, that’s why we created this site. Let’s find out how to play in your country now. Swipe RIGHT or click here to know more!

The meaning of life is to bring order to chaos. We want to guide you through the chaos of bitcoin casinos, bonuses, games and gambling regulations to maximize your gambling experience.

Two kinds of bitcoin casinos

Before we continue to dive deeper into this bitcoin casino guide, we’d like to talk about what a casino bitcoin is. Two types of casinos accept bitcoins.

  1. The first type of gambling site is all about bitcoins. On these sites, you deposit in bitcoin, and you play with casino bitcoins. If you happen to win - You can withdraw in the same currency. We call these sites PURE bitcoin casinos. We recommend them to players who want to protect their privacy and want to reap the full benefits of gambling in bitcoins.
  2. The second type of bitcoin casino allows you to deposit money in bitcoins. Before you start to play the money is converted to USD or Euro. Online casinos which accept bitcoin, but converts them to over currencies we call hybrid casinos. The biggest advantage is that you can play any of the slots on the site! When you want to withdraw your funds, some casinos convert the money back to BTC, at some sites you need to use an eWallet or bank transfer. In casinos where you must withdraw your money in regular currencies, it’s harder to stay anonymous. For more significant amounts it will be required that you prove who you are before you can withdraw your money.

In some bitcoin casinos, you are limited to play certain games in bitcoins. If the casino converts your money to USD or Euro, there are no such limitations. If anonymity is not important to you can choose either type of casino.

Advantages with bitcoin casinos

One significant benefit of bitcoins is that all transactions are free. There is no bank controlling the money. None who has anything to gain from each transaction. Lower transaction cost is one reason why bitcoin became so popular among online casinos.

At a bitcoin casino, the players can make as many deposits or withdraw as they like. Transactions are:

  • Easy
  • Fast
  • Cheap
  • Safe
  • Anonymous

Interesting facts! Did you know…?

Credit card companies have a genius business model. They have found a way to charge us 2-3% on every purchase without any protests. In fact; most of us don’t even know that they do that.

Instead of charging the end-user us, they charge the store who sell the product. The store has to take the blame when they raise their prices. But, at the end, who is paying the credit card charges? We, the consumers do by the higher prices.SO SMART!

Let’s go back to online casinos. In casino bitcoin, there are no added costs for money transactions. It means that the casino can give back more to us players. Bitcoin casinos have lower costs and faster transactions than regular casinos.

Let’s use this information…

Casinos that entirely focus on bitcoin can also offer their customers increased anonymity. The customer doesn’t need to give away any details about themselves to play.

At casino bitcoin, there are no records of your bank statements or credit cards that can be traced by anybody. There are many reasons why people want to keep quiet about their gambling.

Casinos using bitcoins can give you that privacy!

What about bitcoin casino bonus?

Casino bonuses are important to most players. What is the biggest bonus you’ve ever found?

It’s a common mistake to think that bitcoin casinos don’t carry any welcome bonuses. The truth is that casino bitcoins often offer larger depositing bonuses than regular casinos.


On our bitcoin bonus page, you’ll find bonuses up to 10BTC on first deposit. As of today, that would be worth around €65K. We have been working on gambling for many years. We have never come across a welcome bonus nearly as big as that.

So how are the bitcoin casino bonuses structured? Usually, the deposit bonus is doubling your BTC with a 100% bonus.

Since there are over 250 casinos that accept bitcoins, there are significant variations. Some casinos offer 200, 300, even 500% welcome bonus.

Ordinarily, the second deposit comes with a 50% bonus. So far we have only covered casinos that focus on bitcoin bonuses.

As we learn at the beginning of this bitcoin guide. Many casinos accept bitcoins but immediately convert them to EURO or USD. Those casinos focus on cash bonuses and free spins like any other casino on the market.

Before you make casino deposit in bitcoins, make sure that you have read and understood the terms & conditions (T&C) for playing and withdrawing your money. Nearly all bonuses come with wagering requirements.

If you’re required to wager your bonus money 40x times and you deposited 100mBTC with a 100% bitcoin bonus you will need to bet at least 4BTC in total before the bonus money is yours**.

It is essential that you understand and is commonly the main reason there are complaints about how casinos treat their players. There is a significant span between casinos in how they deal with wagering requirements.

Some go as low as 15 times while others can have 80 times. It is essential to understand before you become a member. Typically, these requirements are about 30-35x the bonus amount.

Before you grab a bonus, think about why the casino gives you free money…

Can I get free bitcoins?

Wanna play casino for free? Keep on reading!

The answer is yes; many casinos give you free bitcoins to play with. Keep an eye out for bitcoin casino no deposit bonus and you’ll for sure find some casinos.

CHECK OUT our special bonus page for the latest free bonus offers!

Still with us?

Free bitcoins are known as a bitcoin sign up bonus when you become a new member of a casino. To get the bonus, you need to give the casino your email address and connect your bitcoin account.

Free bitcoin bonuses typically come with higher wagering requirements. The idea from the operators’ side is not that you should win and withdraw your free bitcoin.


The bonus is a way for you to test the gambling environment and see if you like it. You get paid for testing! The beautiful thing is that there is always a chance – a chance that you win big with your free bitcoin bonus.

Remember the 20 years old student from Norway who claimed a no deposit free spins bonus at Betsson. He played on the legendary slot Mega Fortune and won €11.3M without betting a single penny himself.

There is a chance to win with a free bonus, even if it’s small! Test for yourself, you have nothing to lose. Grab an offer from this list.

Play bitcoin casino on my phone?

Did you know that 50% of the casino traffic is from mobiles in Scandinavia today? Sounds high, right? In truth, these numbers are low compared to many other countries.

In Scandinavia, many players still use computers. In areas where the computer density is low, the mobile traffic plays a more significant part. Some casinos have 80% users on mobile phones.

Who can afford to lose 80% of its customers? No casino can do to that!

Even if the bitcoin users are more computer oriented than other players most casinos have implemented a mobile version of its casino.

A bitcoin mobile casino looks like a typical casino. There are even some sites that have developed their mobile application. The mobile users will only increase in the future.

Since bitcoin casinos often accept players globally, it’s increasingly important to be able to meet the different requirements. A stable bitcoin mobile casino android platform will make it easier to do so.

Top bitcoin casinos 2019

Did you find your favourite casino yet? No? Take a closer look here…

We have the opportunity to play in many casinos. Almost daily we get proposals from different operators to check their sites, and we do. We do examine a lot of casinos.

Our persistence gives us an edge. No other comparison site within bitcoin gambling is more active than we are. In this section, we present some of our top bitcoin casinos 2019.

  • Bitstarz Casino – There are more than 250 BTC gambling sites on the market today. Of them, there are a few top bitcoin casinos. To qualify for this list, the casino needs to allow their players to engage fully with Bitcoin: Deposit, wager and withdraw.One of them is Bitstarz Casino. New players can also enjoy a 20 free spins no deposit to test the casino, something we naturally approve of. The free bitcoin bonus is mainly for checking the site.However, there is a small chance to go home with some free cash. Bitstarz Casino is delivering a great gambling experience for those of our readers who like online casinos.
  • A strong contender on this list of top bitcoin casinos 2019 is Wild Tornado Casino. It doesn’t sound like a casino bitcoin, but it is.They offer the full package for the gambling interested BTC player. The mobile version of the site is outstanding, and the supply of games can keep the most notorious slots zapper busy for a long time.As a bonus, they have a bonus VIP program that makes it easy to get hold of some extra money. We can highly recommend Wild Tornado to any player who wants to play with bitcoin.
  • For hardcore bitcoin players, Crypto Games could be an exciting alternative. Forget the beautiful design that Bitstarz and Wild Tornado present.At Crypto Games is everything about cryptocurrencies. They offer dice games, slots, table games and lotto. Choose a game, choose a currency, and the game is on!It is a more traditional bitcoin casino which many players like. The speed is faster, and you can see small bet pouring in when you’re playing

Bitcoin Casino Games

Listen: We know what you might be thinking.

Great casinos and all but are there any special bitcoin games?

You Bet! (Pun not intended)

So let’s take a closer look at the different games you can play!

First of all, on a hybrid casino, you will be able to play the classical slots found on any online casino.

These are not bitcoin or cryptocurrency specific games.

On the more hardcore crypto casinos like Crypto-Games, you will find a variety bitcoin games developed for the cryptocurrency. The most common being:

  • Bitcoin Slots
  • Bitcoin Dice
  • Bitcoin Black Jack
  • Bitcoin Roulette
  • Bitcoin Video Poker
  • Bitcoin Plinko

Bitcoin Slots

It does not require an engineering degree in applied physics to understand what this types of games are all about. The name reveals it all.

Bitcoin slots are just that, slots that are designed to be played with Bitcoin.

That’s right, it’s that simple.

Depending on if you play on a bitcoin casino or a hybrid casino the number of slots might vary. The pure bitcoin sites will have fewer slots then the hybrid ones.

If you are familiar with games from providers like NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech (to name a few) you can still play the slots, but on a hybrid casino. However, if you are looking for 100% pure bitcoin slots we recommend a pure crypto casino.

Bitcoin Dice

At a first glance Bitcoin Dice might be associated with the classical casino game Craps.

But it is not crap. I mean Craps!

Dice is Craps on crack.

The best part?

It is very simple and yet very fun.

Bitcoin Dice have a range between 0.000-99.999.

Your job is to choose a number between the range and then decide if it is going to be higher or lower than the number you have chosen.

Depending on the chosen number you will see the payout for rolling over or under.

So basically you choose the amount to bet and payout and then choose whether to roll over or under. This might sound like a simple game.

Well, it is very simple. But also very entertaining!

Bitcoin Black Jack

Just like with the Bitcoin Slot, Bitcoin Blackjack is pretty self-explanatory.

It is good old blackjack in a Bitcoin format.

The rules are the same as on regular Black Jack online (or offline for that matter).

Just to make sure briefly let’s go over the game for those that are not familiar with it

  • You play against the house.
  • The hand that gets closest to 21 or hits 21 win.
  • You will be dealt two cards and so will the house.
  • You can choose to get more cards but if you hit over 21 you go bust.
  • All Cards have their numeric face value.
  • Kings, Queens, and Jacks have a value of 10.
  • Aces are valued 1 or 11.
  • Playing in a restricted country

Pro Tip:Always check the rules on the casino you play on. All Black Jack games might have the same rules but a lot of Black Jack games have different variations of the rules.

Bitcoin Roulette

The iconic casino game, Roulette, has evolved through the ages and now comes in many different formats.

  • Classic Roulette
  • American Roulette
  • European Roulette
  • Online Casino Roulette
  • Live Casino Roulette
  • Russian Roulette

Some being more, let’s say ”risky” than others.

Finally the fun and exciting game are now available to play with your preferred cryptocurrency!

So place your bets, watch the ball spin on the small table and feel the excitement!

Bitcoin Roulette is one of the bitcoin comunities favourite game. We find a lot of fiat online casino players really appreciating this game when transitioning to playing with their bitcoins.

So why not give it a spin?

Bitcoin Video Poker

Video Poker is not only known from different casinos but also from the fiat online casino sphere.

For you that are not familiar with this game, it works similar to poker.

You are dealt five cards and can choose which one to keep.

The rest is exchanged and you are now left with your hand.*Great, but how do I win?*

Basically, you win if you get a pair of Jacks or anything that is better.

Simple, Fast and very Fun!

Bitcoin Plinko

We know what you are thinking, What on earth is Plinko?

Bitcoin Plinko is a unique Bitcoin Game that has no equivalent in the regular casino world.

Imagine A pegged pyramid.

Now Imagine you drop a ball from the top of the pyramid and watch it randomly bounce around the pegs.

At the bottom, it falls down into a basket.

You are probably wondering how you gamble with Plinko.

Before the ball is dropped you place your bet.

Depending on which basket the ball land in you will receive a payout between 650x to a 0.4x return.

There you have it, folks, all the different Bitcoin games that are available.

But Wait!

We can’t let you go without mentioning Bitcoin Poker and Sportsbook!

Granted these are not casino games but still.

Bitcoin Poker

A great way to play with your bitcoins is to try Bitcoin Poker. It works in the same way as online Poker just that you use Bitcoins.

Read our Bitcoin Poker guide.

Bitcoin Sportsbook

****We absolutely love the Bitcoin Sportsbook.

It lets us combine our two great passions in life, Sports and Bitcoins.

Each day the variety of events just grows bigger and bigger.

So don’t wait to check out our Bitcoin Sportsbook section to learn more.

Playing in a restricted country

Are you experiencing restrictions in your country? Wanna know more about how to play online anyway?

Gambling is a hot subject in many countries today. In Europe, some states have banned all gambling online, in other countries only licensed casinos are allowed to operate.

To make it more difficult for people to play casino online the governments are sometimes blocking casino sites.

We believe in freedom!Sounds good?

Playing casino with bitcoin is one solution. Even if the biggest casinos get blocked, smaller less known casinos using bitcoins will be available to you.

A bitcoin casino doesn’t care who you are. (Good or bad?)

The answer is; Good!

To them, you’re a 26-35 digits’ combination of letters and number and an email address. It doesn’t sound very sexy, but in this case, it’s precisely what the player needs in order to play.

Don’t fall on your credit card! You might be able to deposit funds via your card, even from a restricted country. Withdraw money to the same card might be harder. TROUBLE…


Using bitcoins in a restricted gambling country prevents these kinds of situations. Stay anonymous, and withdraw money via bitcoins.

We recommend our readers to play at casinos available to them in their country. Even in markets like Spain, France, UK, China, Japan and the US, there are casinos available to play at.

Click here to use our unique filter function to find the best casinos available into you. We are continuously updating the site with lists of casinos available in various countries.

On you can also find casinos available in the local language. Many casinos encourage their users to use VPNs. It is however mainly to bypass IP bans for different slot games.

“If your favourite bitcoin casino still is blocked (or become blocked) you can always use a VPN to get a foreign IP address.”

Remember that when you want to withdraw money from your account, you’re often asked to prove your identity.

The casino doesn’t do that to prevent you from getting your money, but to protect themselves against money laundering.

If you use a VPN, be prepared that these questions might come up. We always recommend our readers to read the T&C and contact the support to make sure everything is alright BEFORE depositing any money.

Is it safe to play at a bitcoin casino?

There are many fraudy casinos out there…

One reason we created this bitcoin casino guide was to make our readers cautious when choosing a new bitcoin casino.

Like with regular casinos there are some bad apples out there, and it’s important to be careful in your choice. A common question among gamblers is, however, if the casino is safe to play at.

Most casinos we deal with have a Gambling licence from Malta Gambling Authority, Curacao Gambling Commission, UK Gambling Commission or Montenegro Gambling Commission.

A Gambling license is a quality stamp you should look for before you deposit money. In our casino reviews, you’ll see which license the casino has. If they miss a license, it will be visible at the top of the review.

A second thing, we always recommend reading the casino’s terms and condition. There are some shady operators out there. It’s vital that you check the T&C! Be aware of their bonus and withdraw conditions…

Most bitcoin casino games are operated by a third party – the game provider. There are 100+ casino developers.

The casino has no power over the games on the casino. It’s the game providers that have programmed the slots, so the RTP (return to player) is around 96%.

To add security some casinos use a special algorithm called Provable Fair. Through this algorithm, you can test if the slots you’re playing are fair - if the slots follow what it promises.

We find this algorithm very interested and highly recommend you to read our full article about Provable Fair.

The gambling commissions are regulating game providers. Even if a casino is missing a general gambling license the games on the site are most probably licensed.

What the casino can do to cheat you is to deny you to withdraw your money. There are some bad apples. We are doing our best to monitoring them to be able to warn our readers.

Our recommendation is to BE CAUTIOUS. Read reviews, player opinions and perhaps deposit a smaller sum the first time to test if you can withdraw your money.

Pitfalls in Bitcoin casinos

As soon as money is involved, there are ways we can lose them. Of course, you can lose money in gambling.

This part of the site is not about losing money to a slot machine.


What to avoid when you play casino online, or more precisely when you play at a casino. It is our guide to how to avoid the pitfalls in bitcoin casinos.

Wagering requirement – The bonus trap

We once wrote a website about playing casino without bonuses. The downside with that is of course that the player gets less money to play with.

The question the player needs to ask himself is: Do I need more money? The casino is giving you a bonus to get you to stay longer on the site.

Few bitcoin casino bonuses come without a wagering requirement. That means, to withdraw the bonus money, you need to wager them x number of times first.

When we read peoples’ gambling stories, bonus and wagering requirements are the most discussed subjects.”

– How could the casino do that to me? It’s not fair!

Wagering requirements are the casinos’ way to protect themselves from bonus abuse. Avoid hit and run from bonus hunters.

So what is the solution? The most important thing is to read the T&C, the terms and conditions before playing at a BTC casino. Here you will get the information you need to make the right decision.

We recommend you to choose casinos with wagering requirements of 30-40x the bonus amount. It is reasonable and quite easy to handle.”

Wagering requirement on deposits

In rare cases, you can find casinos which put wagering requirements on all deposited money. It means that you need to wager your money even if you don’t get any bonus for them.

It is something we don’t like, but it happens in some cases. We think it’s fair to have wagering requirements on a bitcoin casino bonus, BUT not on your own money!

The best way to avoid this pitfall is always to check the T&C on the bitcoin casino to know what requirements there are.

Bad apples

Even if most casinos with bitcoin have a gambling license, you’ll see that they are not as hardly controlled as regular casinos. Also among the bitcoin casino with gambling license, there are some bad apples.

These casinos can withhold withdraws. They have customer support that doesn’t answer. The best thing is to stay as far away as possible from those casinos.

The bad apples give the business a poor reputation. Nobody likes them! The way to protect yourself is to read reviews and comments from other players and websites.

We have decided to work with casinos that don’t have any license as well as licensed ones. The main reason for that is a demand from our readers.

The unregulated casinos don’t care about national regulations which make them perfect for players in banned countries.

If we get the notion that a casino mistreats their players, we will red flag them!

Ultimately it’s the player’s responsibility to decide where to play. We will do the best we can to help you find a good bitcoin casino, however.

Game developers that cheat

Then it comes to cheating in an online casino; it’s rarely the casinos which cheat. There are cases where some slots have been proven unfair.

It’s been proved that the algorithm doesn’t give back as much as it says it should. There are some blacklisted game developers like SkillOnNet which has been caught using non-random games.

The best way to protect yourself towards these kinds of frauds is to play on popular casino games like slots from Netent, Micro Gaming, Playtech and Yggdrasil.

There are many reliable brands, so the risk for you to hit a bad one is pretty small.

Gambling with full anonymity

As we mention above, there are two kinds of bitcoin casinos.

One of them uses casino bitcoins everywhere in their system. You bet in bitcoin, and you keep your balance in bitcoin. On these gambling sites, you can stay more anonymous than other sites.

The KYC (know your customer) policies vary between casinos. We’ve asked many customers services. It’s pretty standard to do a KYC if the withdrawn amount is above €1000.

But there’re too many answers to give our readers a specific recommendation.

The best advice is to play at a casino which is available to you. Then you can always prove who you are.

The casino doesn’t care who you are. They don’t have any incentives to give away your data to the authorities! Especially if you live in a country where gambling is banned.

They need to protect themselves towards money laundering, hence the KYC.

Another option is to play at an unlicensed casino which tells you from the start that they don’t care about who you are. They are not going to ask for any KYC or other proofs of who you are.

At we don’t put values in things. We want to give you the best bitcoin casino info we can provide. The decision is always yours.

The weakness of anonymity

Sometimes it’s nice to be anonymous. Sometimes it’s good to have proven your identity. If you’re entirely unknown at a bitcoin casino, you run a more significant risk that you’ll lose your money if the account gets hacked.

Nobody knows who owns the account so if somebody else takes control over your account, you’ll be in trouble. It will be easier to empty the account, and it will be harder to get back the control over the account via the casino.

If you have proven who you are, it would be enough to send in your ID, and the customer support would be able to help you.

The best way to avoid this problem is to avoid sharing your login details. Make sure that you have a secure random password that only you have access to. If you do that, you can stay anonymous as long as you want.

The value of a bitcoin

A few years ago a bitcoin was not worth more than a Big Mac. In the beginning of 2018, a bitcoin is worth more than €14 000.

It means that when you’re playing with bitcoins, you play with a lot of money. Make sure that you understand the value of your BTC before you play.

Sometimes with virtual currency, it’s hard to connect virtual reality with the reality. It is more difficult to understand the value of something online than when if you’d have 140x €100 bills in your hand.

Our recommendation is to know the amount of your bet before you do it. Then you can handle both winnings and losses better.