Bitcoin Sportsbook

Bitcoin as famously known as digital cryptocurrency has drastically risen to the highest popularity in last few years. While the digital currency made way into the mainstream casino industry just four to five of years back with hundreds of users, the market for online bitcoin casinos is currently capped at over $10 billion.

The best ability of bitcoin payment transaction is to move funds swiftly and process transactions with almost close to no cost with utmost security. One such segment where bitcoin is considered highly valuable is online sportsbook and casino gambling operators especially the ones operated under the non-regulatory markets.

The ability to move funds quickly and process payments with little to no cost is something that every industry can utilize, but Bitcoin is valuable for online sportsbook operators and other online gambling operators, especially those that operate in non-regulated markets, such as the United States. Sportsbooks are the famous gambling platform where gambling players can place the wager on different sports competition such as basketball, football, soccer, boxing, golf, martial arts and baseball using bitcoins. The BTC sports betting offers good wager when the games are in season.

While the other payment methods can be controlled and traced, the ability of Bitcoin to stay off limits from the government courtrooms across the globe is what actually attract online bookmakers and sports bettors from bitcoin casinos. The bitcoin sportsbooks have been rapidly growing and popping up online offering number of benefits compared to other traditional counterparts.

Bitcoin sportsbook gives an easier option to place wagers on all major sports events. In this bitcoin sportsbook review, we will go through some of the leader bitcoin sportsbook sites which are highly acknowledged by the casino players on various forums.

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Best bitcoin sportsbook

  1. The Sportsbet is a first of the straightforward sportsbook that is fully loaded with all major sports league from across the world. The site offers both single as well as multi-betting which has an exclusive list of props and bets.  The platform is utterly simple and also offer competitive odds than every other Bitcoin sportsbook. The minimum and maximum bet range between 0.001 BTC to 100 BTC and it also offers the money back guarantee on sports events on the weekly contest. Both deposits and withdrawals are instant and do not require any confirmations. The platform offers 24/7 live support and complete casino bitcoins platform.
  2. 1xbit: The 1xbit is one of the famous best bitcoin sportsbooks that offer the welcome bonus of 100% on first deposit up to 1000 mBTC. Additionally, there are other special offers and different bonuses depending on the interest and daily bonus accumulator. The platform is one of the best sites to offer maximum bonuses than other bitcoin casinos sportsbook with clear terms and conditions.
  3. mBit Sports: Another best bitcoin sports betting sportsbook on the web is mBit sports offering an array of games and sports betting. The site also offers 100% payments to make sure that the Bitcoins are safe and transactions are done at a faster rate. The site has the most dynamic betting experience with multiple leagues running across the platforms to keep its user engaged.

Types of bitcoin sportsbook

  • Sportsbook playing with bitcoins: There are certain sportsbooks specialized in letting players use only bitcoins as the main payment system. This platform helps players to maintain complete anonymity as bitcoin players can easily place wagers without revealing their identity.
  • Sportsbook transferring your bitcoins to regular money: Other types of known bitcoin sportsbooks include the sites where sites allow players to transfer their bitcoins to the standard currencies such as Euro, Pound, and Dollar in addition to the Bitcoin usage. The value for Bitcoin in such bitcoin sportsbook may differ as based on the updated value of cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Sports vs Real Money Sports

One of the major difference between bitcoin sports and real money sports site is the use of digital cryptocurrency. The bitcoin sports use different forms of cryptocurrency such as Litecoin, bitcoin, Ethereum etc while the real money sports use regular currency such as the dollar, euro etc.

Since bitcoin is a famous decentralized cryptocurrency that lets players place a wager on various sports anonymously allowing low or negligible fee options for online bettors. Another difference between both the sports is the anonymity option where players can play BTC sport without sharing any of the personal information. This allows bettors to feel a sense of security when placing the sports bets using the bitcoins.

Find all your favourite sports, leagues and games in your BTC Sportsbook

The best thing about BTC sportsbook is that these platforms cover almost all the major sports and related events. Whether you are from the United States placing a bet on a major NFL game or you want to place your bet on Indian T20 cricket game or any other sport that you are interested from across the world you will find that all major Bitcoin sportsbook will include the sports you have been looking for.

Some of the sports available for BTC bookmakers sportsbook sites include: Baseball, Badminton, Boxing, Basketball, Cricket, Darts, X-Country, Football, ESports, Handball, Horse Racing, Golf, Hockey,  MMA, Ice Hockey, Wrestling, Olympics, Motorsport, Skiing, Snooker, Winter Sports, Rugby, Table Tennis, Volleyball or many other events. From the famous NFL football to NBA basketball and UEFA Champions League to Indian Premier League cricket and golf tournament, almost all the sportsbooks give you chance to bet on the games.

Bitcoin football betting

Soccer (football) is one of the top wagering sports in the bitcoin casino market. With thousands of teams and hundreds of bets and available competitions, there are no other better option to spend your cryptocurrency.

Since football is one the biggest sports, it really doesn’t matter what season of the year you are looking at, there will always be some or other football competitions for betting. Grab your Bitcoins and experience the most exclusive ride of your sporting life with exciting bitcoin football betting. World Cup in Russia is just a few months away now and the bitcoin World Cup betting has already started to set its foot on global sportsbook market. The betting is not just limited to world cup but also the major European and UK based leagues such as La Liga, English Premier League, and Champions League.

What constitutes a top bitcoin sportsbook?

Even though the online world is full of tons of sportsbooks, it’s only up to few good ones to offer quality service, games, and overall experience. Therefore, the question of what constitutes a best bitcoin sportsbooks is often asked by the players and gambling community all across the world. Because of inflow of various online sportsbooks, it may get difficult to believe which ones are quality oriented and the ones that are not. Most of the bitcoin sportsbook have very well managed to get a loyal base by craving a good niche by offering good odds, betting options and opponent usability.

Some popular sportsbooks are globally available and unrestricted in most of the countries and allow everyone to play. They also offer instant deposit and withdrawals, excellent odds. The sites like CloudBet, mBit Sports, and receive highest accolades by various sportsbook reviews as the top bitcoin bookmakers.

Another consideration that you should make is bonuses. The top bitcoin sportsbook like mBit sports would offer welcome bonuses for registration. Some other sportsbook also give free bets to make a wager without putting down the currency. There are referral bonuses for friends on signing up.

Checking out the sportsbook to find what sort of promotional bonuses are available is a perfect way to filter out sites for proven track records. The obvious factor is security because the best online sportsbooks have taken the necessary steps to cater to the fraudulent activity.

What are the odds?

To start with, it’s always important to search around and check the odds for best bitcoin bookmakers. The odds are basically the players chance of winning for a given wager and it can be a bit confusing at times for new players since the odds may differ wildly according to the games you are playing, also the time remaining to make the wager and the kind of wager available for the bitcoin bookmakers.

Minimum and maximum wagers?

While selecting the sportsbook with bitcoin, it’s better to avoid the least wager amount that would be more than 0.001BTC unless you have some prior experience as this would be the usual standard in the game. When talking about max payout amount it may vary for every platform starting from $50,000 to $5000 and in some cases unlimited as well. Players can have an idea based on the overall success ratio of their skillset and the sportsbook they tend to relate well with.

Do they give a bitcoin sportsbook bonus?

Over last one year, the world has seen the rise of bitcoin sportsbook gambling. The currency continues to change and impact the gaming world. Due to low operational costs needed to run the gambling website, players will come across many competitive bitcoin sportsbook bonuses. The bitcoin sportsbook bonus includes welcome bonus, cash rewards on first two deposits, and also bitcoin sportsbook no deposit bonus for the referrals. There are guaranteed money back offers assigned to major sports events. Even though few sportsbook offers fewer rewards the bitcoin sports casinos still offer the most amazing odds.

Do they offer bitcoin live sports betting?

The live sports betting is one thing that players from across the world love in any major sports events because placing the bet during live matches is a thrilling experience in itself. By selecting a live bitcoin-based sportsbook, you can easily involve in the playing action and make bets with the changing odds throughout the match. From golf to football or any niche events you will surely find a live betting platform to keep yourself excited about unknowns.

The live sports betting allow players to bet on matches while the match is going on live and the betting range is usually very high. For example, in the soccer match, the players can bet on the next goal, final score and even the team that would get next corner. The bitcoin live sports betting sportsbooks are designed well and are easy to use to keep the players engaged and with just one click, players can add their selection and ensure that they won’t miss the next bet.

Security – Cold Storage

Some sportsbook sites also have cold storage where the deposits are saved offline and further secured with the help of the keys to preventing any manipulation. The authentication process for most of the sportsbooks involves the addition of username and password secured with SSL encryption. Interested candidates can check FAQs on different sportsbook sites to get you a good idea of how safe are your Bitcoins.

Anonymous or fully registered playing

When you find a right sportsbook to be part of, you need to register yourself. While some of the sites will automatically create the anonymous account, there are sites that will ask for username and password using email id. As long as the players have access to the id and password, the platform is same as trading sites. Usually, the longest running websites tend to be the most trusted and with a little digging, you can easily find the right sports book. Avoid any such site that asks you for bank and credit card information especially when advertised as an online Bitcoin sportsbook.

Are there many sportsbooks that accept bitcoin?

While there are many sportsbooks available online where sports betting accepts bitcoin, it’s really important to find the ones that accept bitcoin and that too a legit one. These days bitcoin has really evolved into a stable platform with the majority of betting sites adding the bitcoin payment system. It’s easy, fast and extremely secure plus way cheaper to process the payments. All that by keeping yourself secured from the eyes of Feds. Look for the sites with a good reputation as most of the famous sportsbook accept bitcoins now. Avoid the ones that claim to give you shots on earning more bitcoins. Do not use the betting sites for only one reason that is to accept BTC. Stick to the legit websites that accept BTC now, as the trend picked up quite late with these famous sports betting accept bitcoin sites.


Sports gambling is fun and easy and sometimes the interactions and easy money flow can make people get used to the fun. The rise of platforms where sportsbook accepts bitcoin represents the revolutionary online betting by giving you a huge selection of favourite sports on your fingertips and offering you challenges to keep you updated and fulfil your desire of participating in the sports tournaments.

While there’s always certain risk associated with sports betting sites that accept bitcoin, part of the charm lies in the middle where luck and skill meet – ultimately coming down to understanding and being informed about the process and rules of each sportsbook. Hopefully, this bitcoin sportsbook guide has cleared up some of your concerns on the bitcoin-related sportsbook.