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Our website aims to bring you the highest-quality experience possible. We can recognise your preferences, so visiting us is more and more convenient, we also offer you additional functions on the website – all of that thanks to “cookies.”

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What are Cookies?

The cookies are small files that our website stores on your computer or the device you use on a visit. The modest amount of data stored in these files proves to be actually substantial. It allows the site to remember your actions and other preferences (examples are login, language, size of the font and the layout display options) over a certain period, so that you don’t have to keep re-entering all the settings on your next visit. In short, they help us bring a page tailored to you.

What can you do about cookies?

By using our site, you agree to the storage and use of cookies on your device or computer.

It is possible to browse our website without cookies, but particular parts of it might not work correctly, and the navigation might be slower.

In case you do not want the cookies to be saved on your device or computer, it’s possible to turn off the corresponding options in the settings of your browser. There’s also nothing holding you back from deleting the stored cookies at any time; again, you can do that by using the relevant options in system settings on your browser.

There is more information available on how exactly deactivating or deleting cookies looks. Find that here:

But again – have in mind that not accepting any cookies might result in our website restricting some functionalities.

Types of cookies

There are three categories of cookies that serve different purposes and enable particular functions. The primary ones are cookies:

  • Stored and functional for a specific time (storage duration),
  • Necessary regarding technical terms (technical necessity),
  • Placed and saved by us or a third party (cookie provider).

Storage duration

There are three main types of cookies here:

  • Session cookies: Some cookies are required only for the duration of your website session. That’s why they are called “session cookies”. They are erased or become invalid the moment you leave our site, or in case your present session expires. An example of a use for those cookies is to retain particular data during your session.
  • Permanent cookies: Specific cookies might be stored for a longer time. An example of their purpose may be to allow us to recognise when you re-access the website over a long period and bring the before saved settings. The result of that is you can access pages quicker and in a more convenient way as you don’t need to set particular options again; a chosen layout style, for example. Permanent cookies are erased automatically after a predefined period.
  • Flow cookies: The flow cookies are used to communicate between our internal servers. They are saved on a computer or device when the user starts navigating the website and deleted immediately at the end of the user’s website navigation. The flow cookies have a unique identification number, but it doesn’t allow us to make any conclusions regarding the identity of a particular customer or user.

Technical necessity

There are two types of cookies here, those that are technically:

  • Necessary: We use some cookies for the reason they are crucial for our website and its functions to work correctly. Such cookies are automatically stored on your personal computer or device when you access the site or its particular feature, that’s unless you set up your browser to reject all cookies.
  • Not necessary: Those cookies are not strictly required, but they are placed on your personal computer or device to enhance the convenience and efficiency of using our website, and to save particular settings you have made. We can also use cookies that are not crucial to run the site, but they help us see the frequency of use of some areas on our website; thanks to that we can improve based on your needs and bring you more tailored experience.

The next type of cookies are called the “Provider cookies”. These are the cookies included by us or by the operator of our site.

Then, there are the cookies that come from services that are entirely outside of our site. Thus they are called “Third-party cookies”. These are stored and utilised by organisations, websites or services other than us; an example is web analytics tools that are nowadays mandatory for any site that would like to rank high in the search engines. Such providers may also utilise cookies to display advertisements or integrate content from social networks to the website.

If you would like to see what third-party cookies we use, check below.

Use of cookies for Web analytics and reach measurement

On our website, we utilise the Google Analytics which is a web analytics service of the company Google Inc. (“Google”). This service uses cookies to check the frequency of use of various areas on our site; it can also identify preferences. The cookie generates the information of your use of our website, which is then sent (including your truncated address IP) to a Google Server located in the United States and kept there. The information collected is going to be used to analyse your use of the site. Based on that, Google will compile reports of activity for us. It also offers further options and services regarding website use and Internet use. This information might be transmitted to third parties where required by law or to the extent third parties process such data on behalf of Google.

It is possible to deactivate Google Analytics using a browser add-on – in a case you do not wish our website analysis to take place. Download the add-on here:

This add-on saves the “opt-out” info of your deactivation of Google Analytics on your computer or any other device. This way leads to deactivation of Google Analytics on the mentioned device and browser from which the “opt-out” was activated. In case you delete all cookies from your device, you may need to reactivate it.

Finally, our most common cookies are:

  • Google Analytics – Provided by Google – Google places these cookies. The purpose of these cookies is to learn information about our users’ activities on the site, for example, time of visit, pages viewed, if a user visited the site before or what sites was he visiting before accessing ours.
  • Facebook Pixel – Provided by Facebook – Facebook places these cookies. It allows us to optimise, measure and build the audiences for advertising campaigns on Facebook.

Changes to the policy

It’s possible that there will be changes to our cookies policy in future. In such cases, the changes will be disclosed on this page.

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