Bitcoin Poker

The online gambling industry has evolved tremendously in last few years with hottest trends in virtual currency and payment system in the form of Bitcoin. In last one year, more and more poker sites have started accepting Bitcoin giving users the benefits of keeping their identity complete anonymous and safe.The rise of virtual currency over last twelve months have made bitcoin casino online sites adopt the virtual currency to stay updated in the competitive market to attract players from around the world.

The explosion continues to grow at a faster rate but an important question that everyone has been asking is “are the poker site fair?”. Even if you are in for a serious game or just for the fun, the players would want to know that the game is fair and the first thing they would look for the secure and safe site.

To an extent, it gets really important to explore an important myth about the fairness of poker sites because many online players will end up believing that the house might be cheating after facing losses. However, due to the well-placed regulations, it’s virtually not possible for any known poker websites to cheat. The poker sites pay dearly to check their employee’s criminal history.

There are various checks and balances to ensure that nothing happens that can end up quickly damaging the poker casino bitcoin site’s reputation. While talking about online poker sites, it’s not the dealer but the RNG ( random number generator) that spits out the numbers to translate into hands, decks and board cards in the games for the random throw to keep it fair.

Many bitcoin casinos studies confirm that the results are truly random. There are many sites that are audited independently to confirm the true fairness to the players. The websites have complex techniques to deal with the cards to keep the games up and above any possible cheats. Since there are millions invested in both security and advertising, the sites encourage new users to sign up and protect funds, integrity, and the internet poker gaming experience.

Lot had changed in last four to five years as Bitcoin has undergone a bit of bust and boom. In 2012, there were only a few bitcoin casinos accepting bitcoin for poker, but today the choices for players are better with dedicated online bitcoin casino guide sites and mainstream websites offering the virtual currency for the poker games.

These sites such as Bovada Poker and BetOnline Poker also offer famous casino bitcoin games including bitcoin texas hold’em poker which is very famous among the players from around the world. Besides bitcoin texas hold’em, sites have Omaha, Sit n Go, Fortune Jack as some other famous poker games to keep players engaged. So whether you are a regular player or a newbie to online casino bitcoin poker looking for some good poker sites or to improve your playing strategy, here you will be able to find out more about the popular bitcoin poker sites. These sites are recommended as fun and safe where players can play with bitcoin and rake back good offers in return.

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Best bitcoin poker 2018

There are few online bitcoin poker sites and every year the number is expanding rapidly. Though these sites don’t have huge players list like regular currency poker rooms yet but there are enough players to experience the heights of competitiveness during the tournaments and peak hours. Here are some of the biggest bitcoin poker sites that accept bitcoin and additionally offer good bonuses, regular promotions, soft competition and popular games and stable apps for mobile poker gaming

  1. Ignition Poker: There isn’t the second opinion on the fact that Ignition offers some amazing poker tables across the internet. As a sister website of Bovada poker, the Ignition poker was started in August 2016. The site offers exclusive bitcoin-based deposits and withdrawals with no transaction fees involved. The seasoned, as well as new players, can easily try their hands on bitcoin gaming at Ignition poker site.The site offers welcome bonus equivalent to $1100 in BTC to boost confidence and additionally offer $100 bonus: poker drip allowing the players to get fueled and set ready. Talking about site’s gaming strategy to keep the user engaged, the Ignition bitcoin poker boasts best tournaments for games like Mad Monday, Sit n Go, Turbo with the guaranteed prize of over $2 million every week.The site offers deposit between $50 to $5000 as deposit limit while the withdrawal limit goes up to $9500 that players can receive in a day. The new depositors can receive 100% return up to $500 on first deposit bonus. Since the site has complete security encryption with hundreds of poker tables, register yourself at Ignition poker and enjoy the thrill of playing poker with real bitcoin.
  2. Betonline poker: BetOnline poker site is one of the cream crop sites with the biggest bitcoin poker community and extensive client base from 2004. The site has exploded after 2015 after a massive push in bitcoins and currently the third biggest site to accept players from the US. The significant change from the outdated interface, massive community and the solid gameplay has kept this poker site one of the best bitcoin poker sites in the market. The players can experience enough fun in cash games, tournaments with the easy deposits through bitcoins.The bitcoin site also offers guaranteed prize amount up to $100k every weekend and $10-$100 freerolls every hour. The players looking for action can play no-limit Texas Hold’em, pot limit Omaha, and games like 7 card and Americana. The old school poker players like to call the platform as an action poker. The site has deposit limit between $20 to $25,000 and withdraws up to $10,000 that are processed in a day. The new users receive 100% up to $2500 first deposit bonus.
  3. Blackchip poker: As a part of 2nd largest poker platform, Winning poker that accepts Bitcoin players from across the world, Blackchip poker offers high-quality tables and exclusive service for one of the biggest poker community. The website has managed to the built reputation for years from 2008 and switched to the latest poker updates in 2012 after the shift from merge network to winning network and addition of Bitcoin payment systems.The site offers various benefits to the players from the efficient deposit and withdrawal options with a minimum deposit amount of $25 and payout ranging between $10 to $10,000. Blackchip poker is one of the fastest growing poker sites that accept bitcoin and also the wide range of poker games such as Omaha poker, Texas Hold’em poker and seven card stud games.
  4. Intertops poker: Among various online bitcoin poker sites, one of the highly enjoyed site by millions of players is Intertops poker that added Bitcoin as one of withdraws option in early 2016. The famous bitcoin version games such as Texas hold’em, Omaha hi/lo etc are some prevalent games offering guaranteed prize and action to put your skills and wits to test.Intertops has deposit limit between $10-$1000 and the withdrawal limit between $100 to $2500 with no transaction fee involved in deposits and withdrawals giving an easy processing to the players. For all those looking for quick and easy functional poker site to put their Bitcoin on use should definitely try out Intertops Poker.

What types of Bitcoin Poker rooms are there?

In recent years the legion goes online bitcoin poker sites have grown up from bitcoin casinos to sportsbooks to variants poker rooms. All the gambling entities have had a different level of highs and lows but the poker has undoubtedly risen the most in last few years. Here are two types of rooms that allow players to use bitcoin currency for the transaction purposes:

  • Bitcoin-only poker sites: The bitcoin only poker sites are the specialized sites which let players use only bitcoins as the payment method. Hence, there is no need for currency converters and no conversion fees are levied on the players.
  • Bitcoin-inclusive poker sites: The second types of poker rooms prevalent across the web are bitcoin inclusive poker sites where the sites also accept the standard array of currencies such as Dollar, Euro, Pound etc but also accept players who want to use bitcoins. In such sites, currency converters are provided and bitcoin values may differ from currency to currency.

Since online bitcoin poker sites don’t have the higher cost associated with the processing, they end up offering reduced rake and better deals.

Bitcoin poker vs Regular money Poker

Usually, the gameplay is quite similar to both bitcoin and regular money poker. The main difference between Bitcoin poker and regular money poker site is that the former is one the safest platform. In addition, another distinctive difference can be seen while wagering bitcoin currency in opposition to the real money. The players can easily find the difference in various aspects of the poker experience – drawbacks and benefits of bitcoin as compared to the real money play. In bitcoin poker, lots of bad players mean a lot of easy flowing money on the tables.

In general, the standard of the bitcoin poker players are lower than at the established casinos. This means easier money and more fish to play against.

Benefits of bitcoin vs regular money

Even though there are many people finding it sceptical to believe that using bitcoin money could benefit anyone, but the bitcoin does have unique advantages over the regular currencies. The bitcoin cannot be restricted or manipulated by the central banks and offer complete anonymity to let players operate independently from payment systems and traditional banking.

Costs associated with the bitcoin are also quite cheap and fund transfers are way faster than the traditional bank transfer which can take several days. In case of bitcoin, the transfer can be done 24/7 and 365 days a year with no fees attached. Moreover, the withdrawals and deposits are simplified and transactions are quick, easily manageable without letting any illegal organization and government trace the withdrawal. Bitcoins are only accessible through the stored details and not by any authorization method like regular money.

Downsides of bitcoin vs regular money

Even though there are many advantages of Bitcoin, the irony is that the most positive aspects of bitcoin’s turns out to be the possible drawback when applied practically. Since, the bitcoin needs to be stored in e-wallet which needs to be installed on a particular platform, if in case the software that stored all your bitcoins damage or breaks you will be left with almost nothing.

Another downside is the adoption of the poker sites which government may end up interfering and end up targeting poker sites. The impending future of bitcoins is also another concern for the online bitcoin poker players creating a hazy situation, possible financial risk. These are few reasons that hold back poker rooms to accept bitcoins as they are highly capable of disrupting the transaction channels.

Bitcoin poker bonus and promotions

Most of the famous bitcoin poker sites offer a huge incentive to players for making the deposit and to sign up using the bitcoin. The players can easily find the plethora of bitcoin poker bonus which is highly valued Bitcoin deposit bonuses. The poker sites also have BTC giveaways for winning the tournaments. Besides that, there is no other way to get free Bitcoins from the online poker sites.

Some sites also offer the bonus for the first deposit and double deposit and more. All the above-mentioned poker sites offer the welcome bonuses and with the poker market becoming turning more competitive, many gambling sites give loyalty program, additional bonuses in the form of bitcoin poker no deposit bonus, rake offers, bitcoin casino gratis etc that players can check on the site page under bonus and promotion section.

 How to use Bitcoin to deposit to the Poker room

In order to use Bitcoin to play poker games, the players would first require Bitcoin wallet to move bitcoins around the web. After securing the wallet and Bitcoin amount you can do the bitcoin poker deposit into your account at any bitcoin poker website you are playing at. Every poker website gives you the complete overview of bitcoin services and the associated charges for bitcoin deposit to fund your poker account.

 Bitcoin poker tournaments

While playing on these bitcoin poker sites, you will be able to get chance to participate in a huge number of bitcoin-based poker tournaments. You will find both the ‘main event’ and ‘sit n go’ tournaments on the poker sites. Every featured poker website features the tournament schedule allowing players to select the desired tournament that is ongoing or about to begin.

Most of the online poker tournaments will allow players to buy specific amount and with the same number of chips. The first factor that is taken into consideration by the players in poker is bitcoin poker freerolls

There are plenty of bitcoin poker tournaments on Ignition casino, BetOnline, offering bitcoin freeroll. Most of the poker sites accepting cryptocurrency offer their set of bitcoin poker freeroll during the tournaments. The tournaments are the perfect place to play bitcoin poker for free and get a chance of earning daily weekly and monthly freerolls.

Can I play poker anonymously?

There are various poker formats and variations that are tested to carry out anonymous poker sites and the poker games. It’s exactly what it appears to be, all the players are unknown, reads the opponent’s move to carry out specific style without worrying about the same factor for the future poker session. The sites like Ignition poker offers players an incognito mode to ensure that there are no reads, no tracking, no shame, more tables and are GTO friendly to successfully carry out anonymous bitcoin poker sessions from anywhere in the world.

How about playing bitcoin poker mobile?

With more and more people loving the online version of poker games many brands have come up with the mobile platforms to give ease of playing with quick bitcoin poker iPhone application. If you have your Bitcoin e-wallet software on the phone and have selected mobile friendly poker room like Ignition poker you should be able to play famous poker games with no troubles.