Ultimate Bitcoin Poker Guide 2021

You know the feeling after limping 77 against what you hope is AA or KK and YOU HIT THE 7 on a low card flop… That is the feeling we are looking for in this Bitcoin poker guide! Is bitcoin poker LEGAL? Bitcoin doesn’t make things legal, but it’s a tool to play despite that!

Here you’ll find out how!

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If you already know everything about bitcoins, just choose a top bitcoin poker site in the table below. IF NOT, we have created this ultimate guide for you.

Hang on; this will be AWESOME!

Find the answers to:

  1. How to play bitcoin poker?
  2. How to play in your country?
  3. How to find the best BTC poker site?

Fast track lane – How to play bitcoin poker online:

  1. Open a bitcoin wallet
  2. Buy bitcoins from a crypto exchange
  3. Transfer bitcoins to your BTC wallet
  4. Choose a bitcoin poker site from the list above
  5. Set up the account
  6. Make a deposit – Get your bonus
  7. Sit down, enjoy the game – Be Happy, Go Lucky!

Here is our first quick exit – Check out our bitcoin poker infographic! Click to make the image larger…

Let’s begin with the wallet

To carry bitcoins, you don’t need a fancy Prada purse, but you need a bitcoin wallet. These wallets can be a physical hard drive, printed paper or mobile based.

Which one is best?It depends on your needs for security.

If you want to invest in BTC, we recommend you to keep them super safe offline (cold storage). If you’re going to play, we urge you to store them, so they are easy for you to access.

For bitcoin betting and poker, we recommend a mobile-based or online based wallet like:

With these wallets, you can access your coins fast and safe via your phone and computer. Cubits have specialised in gambling. If you open a Cubit’s account, it can easily be connected to the casinos.

Since many customers like Cubits and many casinos use it, we have created the Ultimate Cubits Casino guide. Read it if you want to know more about Cubits Wallets.

Now we need bitcoins

If you don’t want to mine your bitcoins, you can buy them via a crypto exchange. There are many exchanges to choose from. Be cautious though!

There are many reports of frauds so choose a big and regulated exchange. We recommend exchanges like

These exchanges have a good reputation and long experience in dealing with crypto. Open an account, and you can buy bitcoins via your credit card or bank transfers depending on the choice of preference.

Valuable tips

  • At this stage, don’t worry about being anonymous. That comes when you send the money to your anonymous bitcoin wallet.
  • Always keep your bitcoin wallet and crypto exchange separate to increase security!

We’re almost set

It’s time to transfer your first bitcoins to your wallet. BTC transfers are straightforward to do. Just copy the bitcoin address of where you want to send them. It’s a 21-digit code. Paste it in as the receiver. Click send, and you’re done.

  1. Copy bitcoin addressee
  2. Paste it in
  3. Add amount
  4. Click send!

OBS!Check an extra time that you put in the correct amount and address. All bitcoin transfers are irreversible, and you can’t stop them.

Let, set, GO!

Everything is ready to begin playing Poker. The only thing missing – At which bitcoin poker site?

In truth, we are not completely done yet. We know how to play bitcoin poker in general now. BUT, where to play depends on where you are!

In most countries, it’s legal to play poker online. In some countries, it’s prohibited. Depending on how it looks in your country there are a few ways to play…

  • Access any licensed bitcoin poker site in your country.
  • Access a foreign poker site which allows players from your country.
  • Use a VPN to access any poker site to bypass IP bans.

To make things easier for you, we have created a smart filter function. In that, you can quickly filter out which poker sites are available to you and in your language!

Click here to check out our UNIQUE POKER FILTER

To create the best guide, we needed the most information. Therefore, we have created individual gambling guides for 12 countries so far: USA, Germany, Australia, UK, France, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Russia, South Korea and Japan.

In these guides, you’ll find out what options you have any tips on what to do.

Find the best Bitcoin Poker site

Some girls might say that “size doesn’t matter”, but when they talk to their friends later the same evening they say that size does matter…

Size does matter!

Good news!

Our size gives you more options to choose from

Our size gives us an edge on the poker sites to get exclusive offers for our readers

Our size gives us more experience of poker with bitcoins to share with you

We have looked at 100s of casinos, poker sites and sportsbooks and chosen the best poker rooms for this site. As a bonus, some of us are crazy poker players with 1000s of hours at the table over the last 15 years.

How do we review a bitcoin poker site?

When you love what you do it’s easy to spend a bit too much doing it J Sometimes we need to set a time limit for how long we will play at a particular site.

What do we look for?

Some key parameters we evaluate in a review is security, software, games and support. Naturally, the design is important too – If it’s an old piece of shit, it’s probably not going to pass our first inspection. For the full list of review, criteria click here.

  1. General check – Before we begin any review we do a general design check. Is this a poker site we’d like to play at? Do they accept bitcoins? We also check the T&C for odd rules on the site. If the site passes this step, we begin the reviewing process.
  2. Sign up – What are the signup requirements? How fast is the process? Do we get a signup bonus that we play with?
  3. Make a deposit– Best way to test a site is to use it. For that, we need to deposit some money. We usually add money via Cubits or our account at Green Address.
  4. Time to play! – Let the fun begin! It’s this step that can take a long time J Here we site down by the poker tables for a few hours. Key question: Are there any fish in the sea?After poker, we also test features like slots, video poker and other live games to get a full picture of the site
  5. Mobile play– Since 70% of our readers uses their phones to play we also check out the mobile version of the site. The best bitcoin poker site has to have an excellent phone option for us to recommend it!
  6. Withdraw Money – The last check we do is that we can withdraw our money. Hopefully, we have more than we came with. In this step, we’ll find out if there are any hidden clause in the T&C that might prevent us from making a withdrawal.

Each step in the review process score points. We look as much for flaws and weaknesses of the site as strengths and unique features.

In the tables on this page, we present the best bitcoin poker 2019 according to our tests. If you have any questions or requests, please send us an email.

Pick a poker site now or get more awesome (good to know) facts about playing poker with bitcoins!

Playing poker anonymously

Sometimes we want to stay anonymous online. Playing poker with bitcoins can help you stay more anonymous than any other payment method.

If you follow the guide above and set up an anonymous bitcoin wallet like Green Address, all your transaction will be completely unknown.

The question is; if you want to stay anonymous on the poker site?

The advantage would be that you can play from anywhere in the world. No country restrictions would bother you. None tax authority can follow, or gambling laws apply…

The disadvantage is that your account would be less safe and harder to recover if something happens.

The poker site is not interested in you, really. It is only interested in protecting themselves against money laundering and frauds. To them, you’re a 21 digit code or an actual person with an address and name.

The poker site has no incentives to disclose your identity to anybody and doesn’t trace any transactions.

Eye Opener…or?****

Stay anonymous to those who are important to stay hidden from…Let the rest know who you are if you do something legit… If not, we don’t want to advise you to do anything.

Better to play at a site which wants you there… and show them who you are… hide the rest! Bitcoin is the perfect method to play poker anonymously do that!

Is it safe to play bitcoin poker?

This is an important part of reading…

Safety is always a big concern when money is involved. Can you feel safe when you play at a casino? There are some bad apples out there… that’s why it’s important to read on our site.

Here we will explore the 2 questions people have about safety…

  1. Is my money safe in the poker room?
  2. Does the poker room offer fair games?
  3. Extra tips to keep your money safe

All player wants to know that their money is safe and they play a fair game. Hence all players look for a secure and reliable platform to play at.

We have long experience in gambling, and we have seen a lot. We’re doing our best to keep our site updated, and we monitor forums and social media for the latest news about different poker rooms.

That way you can feel safe that someone is watching over you…

To an extent, it gets imperative to explore a myth about the fairness of poker sites. Many online players will end up believing that the house might be cheating after facing losses.

However, due to the well-placed regulations, it’s virtually impossible for any known poker websites to cheat.

The poker sites pay to check their employee’s criminal history, and more importantly, if a gambling site is discovered cheating, they will lose everything.

There are various checks and balances to ensure that nothing happens that can end up quickly damaging the bitcoin poker site’s reputation.

In an online poker site, there is no real dealer. The cards are generated by an RNG (random number generator). It spits out the numbers that translate into hands, decks and board cards in the games.

Most sites have independent auditors verifying the fairness of the games for the players.

The websites have sophisticated techniques to deal the cards to keep the games up and above any possible cheats, since there are millions invested in both security and advertising.

The sites encourage new users to sign up and protect funds, integrity, and poker gaming experience.

Bonus tip!

Like the expression: There is no such thing as something for nothing…

When you see a great poker bonus - it might be extra-large or even free… In general, the better the bonus, the tougher it is to withdraw the bonus.

To keep your money safe, and avoid unpleasant surprises… ALWAYS read the T&C carefully when you see a spectacular bonus… It’s often too good to be true.

Best bitcoin poker 2021

There are many online bitcoin poker sites, and every year the number is growing. These sites don’t have a big list of players like some of the largest poker rooms yet, but there are enough players to experience the heights of competitiveness during the tournaments and peak hours.

Here are some of the biggest bitcoin poker sites, which offer good bonuses, regular promotions, soft competition and favorite games and stable apps for mobile poker gaming

Ignition Poker

Ignition provides some fantastic poker tables across the internet. As a sister website of Bovada poker, the Ignition poker started in August 2016.

The site offers exclusive bitcoin-based deposits and withdrawals with no transaction fees. The seasoned, as well as new players, can easily try their skills in bitcoin gaming at Ignition poker site. The site offers welcome bonus up to $1100 for BTC depositors to boost confidence and additionally offer $100 bonus: poker drip allowing the players to get fuelled and set ready.

Talking about site’s gaming strategy to keep the user engaged, the Ignition bitcoin poker boasts the best tournaments for games like Mad Monday, Sit n Go, Turbo with the guaranteed prize of over $2 million every week.

Wanna know more? Take a look at our review of Ignition Poker

Betonline poker

One of the cream crop sites with the most significant community of poker players with bitcoins. They have been active since 2004.

In 2015 the site boomed after a massive push in bitcoins. Currently, BetOnline is the third biggest site to accept players from the US.

An updated interface, massive community and the solid gameplay have kept BetOnline as one of the best bitcoin poker sites in the market.

The players can participate in fun cash games and tournaments via the fast bitcoin deposits. The poker bitcoin site also offers guaranteed prize amount up to $100k every weekend and $10-$100 freerolls every hour.

The players looking for action can play NL Texas Hold’em, PL Omaha, and games like 7 cards and Americana.

The old school poker players like to call the platform as an action poker. BetOnline has a deposit limit between $20 to $25,000 and withdraws up to $10,000 that are processed in a day.

The new users receive 100% up to $2500 first deposit bonus. Read our full BetOnline review here.

Blackchip poker

Blackchip Poker is part of Winning Poker group and is the second largest Bitcoin poker platform in the world. Blackchip poker offers high-quality tables and exclusive service for one of the most significant poker communities.

The website has built its reputation since 2008. The site provides various benefits to the players from the efficient deposit and withdrawal options with a minimum deposit amount of $25 and payout ranging between $10 to $10,000.

Blackchip poker bitcoin is one of the fastest growing poker sites that accept bitcoin. They can also boost with a wide range of poker games such as Omaha, Texas Hold’em and Seven-card stud games.

Check out the full review of Blackchip Poker here.

Intertops Poker

Intertops is one of the highest regarded poker sites. Since 2016 they accept bitcoins.

The famous games such as Texas hold’em, Omaha Hi/lo offer guaranteed prize and action to put your skills and wits to test.

Intertops Poker is a perfect place for those who like poker action every day of the week. Join a tournament or throw out a hock the fish at the cash game…

Still hungry for more? Check out the extended review of Intertops.

2 types of Bitcoin Pokerrooms

In our ultimate guide for bitcoin casinos, we talk about 2 kinds of bitcoin casinos. There are those which we call pure bitcoin casinos and the hybrids.

In the pure BTC casinos you do everything with bitcoins: Deposit, play and withdraw in BTC. The same goes for poker rooms that fully embrace bitcoins.

There are some poker sites where you can do everything in bitcoins. Usually you can easily find them by checking their bonus offer. If they have a bonus in BTC, you have seen one!

The bitcoin hybrid poker room are more common. Most poker sites allow you to deposit in BTC and then the money is converted to dollars.

By converting your money, you can play with the same currency as anybody else around the table…

Easier to bet $5 than 0.00077889 BTC**J**

When you withdraw your money, your USD will be converted back to BTC so you can send them to your bitcoin wallet…


What are the advantages of playing with bitcoins compared to fiat currencies?

Bitcoin poker vs Regular money Poker

The differences between poker sites accepting bitcoins and those which don’t are small. There are some pros though.

The upswing of the bitcoin value has created a lot of new cash to use in gambling. Those lucky (or smart) to have bought bitcoins early have made a fortune from them.

Then they play poker with these bitcoins they get a lot of dollars. In general, these people are less experienced poker players in comparison to the money they can sit down with.

The first advantage with a bitcoin poker site is that they have more bad players. The chances to win are better there than the largest poker sites like Party Poker or Pokerstars.

Is there a better feeling than when you get a fish hooked by the table… and the money starts pouring in your direction?

Another pro is that you can make deposits and withdraws anonymously via bitcoins.

Online poker is not what it once was… Once millions of players sat by the table, today it’s much fewer…

Compared to the largest poker sites, most of the sites accepting bitcoins have fewer players. If you’re a real grinder who likes to play multi-tables, it might be harder at a small casino.

Bitcoin poker bonus and promotions

Who doesn’t want an extra poker bonus?

When we review poker sites, we put a lot of attention to bonuses. These are interesting since our readers like them a lot. Working with bitcoin makes this extra fun!

Playing poker with bitcoins give you a wide array of bonuses to choose from. Typically, it begins with a welcome bonus.

The welcome poker bonus can have a sign-up bonus which is free and a part that requires you to make a deposit. It is how easy it is to get a poker bonus:

  1. Choose a poker site above (all have gifts)
  2. Open an account
  3. If there is a sign on bonus, GOOD LUCK!
  4. Add unique bonus code to show you want a poker bonus
  5. Deposit to get the fat Welcome Bonus
  6. Start playing!

Poker bonuses are often different from casino bonuses. When you get a 100% welcome bonus in a casino, you get 100% extra to play with directly.

It works because if you lose your money, you lose it to the casino. With poker bonuses it’s different. When you lose money in poker, you do it to other players…

Therefore a typical bitcoin poker bonus comes in stages. You need to play with a certain amount before you get part of the bonus. It might take weeks before you can claim the full bonus.

Let’s show an example from Intertops Poker

At Intertops they have a specific poker bonus of 200% up to $1000 if you add the bonus code 1000ITP. So if you deposit $400, you’ll get another $800 to play with.

The bonus is paid in $5 increments. To get these $5 you need to collect 83.335 FPP (Frequent Player Points). When you play cash games, you get 1 FFP for every $1 in rake you pay. In tournaments, you get 7 FFP for every $1 you pay an entry fee.

To get the full $800 from cash games, you’d need to pay $6666 rake in total. It sounds a lot, but depending on which level you play it might take from a week to a few months.

Awesome news!

The advantage of a bonus like that is paid in increments is that the money you deposited can be withdrawn at any time.

Bitcoin poker tournaments

Cash games are fun, but few things can beat the excitement when you’ve “reached the money” in a tournament with a large stack in front of you!

Up for a 100K tournament or a freeroll?

Check out the tournament schedule on the BTC poker site of your choice.

You will find ‘main event’ and ‘sit n go’ tournaments. Test your skills, luck and patience in the next big event… It will be GREAT!

15 years ago our poker careers began with freerolls. A freeroll is a free tournament with a small prize to the winner.

Most poker sites offer freerolls as a fantastic way to learn how to play poker for free. Take the change and win some free bitcoins!

There are plenty of bitcoin poker tournaments on Ignition casino, and BetOnline offers bitcoin freerolls. Most of the poker sites accepting cryptocurrency provide their players of bitcoin poker freerolls at some stage.

We already said that tournaments are AWESOME, but we need to repeat it…


Bitcoin FAQ

Heads up! In this Bitcoin FAQ, we try to answer the most common poker questions straightforward and in a clear way so you get the right answer quickly and without any fuzz.

Can I play Poker with Bitcoin?

Yes and no (alright there will be a bit of fuzz). Although a lot of sites claim that you can play poker with your bitcoin almost the opposite holds true. This does not mean that you can’t play depositing bitcoins. It only means that most sites are Hybrid poker sites. Now, you have the opportunity to deposit BTCs to a site which is then converted into fiat and play with exchanged bitcoins that way. But at this moment there are no pure bitcoin poker rooms.

How do I play Poker with Bitcoin?

To play poker with bitcoin, you need to choose a trustworthy site and make a deposit using your wallet. We recommend you pick among our vetted sites to avoid dangerous sites. When you have made your deposit you simply start playing!

What does the future hold for bitcoin poker?

Honestly, it’s hard to say. But here is our prediction. Even though we are missing a real bitcoin poker platform, we are convinced that there will come one based on the blockchain in the near future. We can see a bigger and bigger inflow of players playing poker, casino and betting with cryptos. Taking that into account we are sure we will see a pure Bitcoin Poker site soon.

Can I play Poker tournaments with bitcoins?

Yes, you can play poker tournaments with your bitcoins, but they will be exchanged to a fiat currency before you do that. To play in a tournament only open the poker client and enter.

Can I play Cash games with Bitcoin?

Of course, you can. Just like with the tournaments go to the poker lobby but instead of chasing a poker tournament go to the cash game section.

Is poker or BTC poker hard to learn?

Not after reading our guide, it isn’t! To start playing poker and learn the rules is pretty simple. In fact we think that anyone can do it. But just like with anything in life it to become really good at it might require some practice and experience.

The rules and gameplay are the same if you play online or offline with your friends.

This question might have several answers, but we suspect that poker is so popular since it requires skill. A lot of other games you find on an online gambling site are revolved around luck. But poker is based on your judgment. This fact is according to us a big reason why it is so popular.

Don’t forget that poker is also very fun and challenging with a significant upside if you are right.

Is poker all about the cards you are dealt?

The cards obviously play a significant role, but it is not entirely dependent on the cards. Your decisions and the decisions of others play a huge role. So it is not always the best hand that wins. And that is what makes it such a beautiful game.

What is a poker strategy and is it different when playing with bitcoin?

Poker strategy is the same with online poker and BTC poker. However, it is a vast subject. In short, it means that a player plans out how to play the game to its full potential.

What is the difference between fixed limit and no limit in poker?

When talking about no limit we are not referring to the 1993 hit song. We are of course talking about the limits on the poker table. Easiest explained comparing no limit to fixed limit. The difference between a fixed limit and no limit in online poker is that the fixed limit puts a roof on how much a player can bet. It then becomes quite apparent that no limit has no maximum amount.

What is rake and do I have to pay it?

Rake is a commission a casino takes for playing at their table. Since each player is playing against other players, the house (casino) has no way of making money. Rake is a fee that each player pay for a hand to the site and is automatically deducted when playing. But don’t worry it is a tiny percentage of each bet and often has a limit on it.

Do I pay rake when playing online poker?

The bad news isyes, the online poker networks do charge rake.

What is Rakeback?

The good news is that you can get rakeback. Rakeback can be viewed as a form of bonus where a percentage of the rake you pay to the casino is paid back to you.

What’s the difference between live and online poker?

There are a lot of similarities between online poker and live poker. However, the differences are also quite significant. The biggest difference is that you don’t see your opponents. This makes it impossible to try to read them, discover faults in their game and take advantage of them. This can make a big difference since you never know who you are playing.

This one is a tricky one. As long as gambling and poker are legal where you live, then yes. Playing poker with your bitcoins is just like playing with a fiat currency. Just a friendly reminder: remember, since there is no real bitcoin poker only hybrid sites the possibility of playing completely anonymously using bitcoin is not an option (unlike playing on some casino sites).

Is online poker fixed?

If you play on one of our reputable sites, then we can promise you that it is not fixed. The poker platforms and networks are tested by third-party regulators and through RNGs (Random Number Generators) ensuring their randomness.

Can I trust bitcoin poker sites with my money?

As long as you use a site that is trustworthy then entirely. Once again check out our favorite picks, and you will not be disappointed.

Which are the best poker sites to use?

Check out our list of the best bitcoin poker sites and find out. At the end of the day, it is up to you which site suits you best. One person’s garbage is another person’s treasure. Just make sure that you choose a trustworthy site.

Can I play at more than one poker site?

Yes, why not? Different sites will have different software, bonuses and user experience. Try different sites and choose one, two or more to play on.

Do I have to download a poker software to play?

Most sites do not require you to download a poker client, but some give you the opportunity to do so if you wish.

What stakes can I play for online?

The stakes vary from table to table. The smallest cash game stakes start around $.01/$.02 blinds. When it comes to tournaments, you can find competitions that cost as little as $1 to enter.

Are there any Poker bonuses?

Some sites do offer poker bonuses as an incentive to play on their website. These often have to be cleared which means you have to play a certain amount of times before you can withdraw them.

What is a poker loyalty program?

A loyalty program is similar to a poker bonus and is awarded to players that keep playing on a specific site. These can be in the form of cash, bonuses or entries to tournaments.

There you have it folks, the Bitcoin FAQ.

Congratulations on making it this far in our guide.

But what are you waiting for? Now it’s time to hit the Poker tables!

Good Luck!

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