Understanding Why Bitcoin Casinos Are the Future

In our current technological era, Bitcoin has made its mark as a valuable form of currency, allowing people to purchase amenities, place bets and carry out transactions while remaining anonymous and more importantly with military-grade security. For these and many other reasons, Bitcoin has various potential advantages especially in the gambling industry, including online casinos, esports, and other gambling platforms.

Most gamblers are not fully conversant about cryptocurrency gambling sites and are usually suspicious of the popular cryptocurrencies. However, with the current global trend, people are starting to accept the fact that bitcoin betting is becoming inevitable. And in this rise of trust more and more players lose their prejudices against the benefits of using a Bitcoin casino. If you are still among those who don’t, you will be interested in finding out more about the advantages of making online casino deposits and withdrawals with Bitcoin.

An accessible system

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Why Are Online Poker Tournaments So Popular?

Poker has always been one of the most popular casino games and even with the market shifting to be mostly online, it is still one of the most popular games to play. Players can play single player poker, multiplayer poker and also poker tournaments.

One of the reasons why they are becoming more popular is because people are able to watch online poker tournaments live, which then encourages them to play themselves. You can find these live streams anywhere, one of the most popular platforms being Twitch. These streams will allow players to learn more about how to play poker and how to take part. You can also pick up new methods and poker strategies to then use yourself when it comes to playing online.

With online poker tournaments, you don’t have to feel conscious about other players wagering more than you. Some people only want to wager small amounts, therefore it is better for them to do it online, than in a poker tournament. There are different types of Poker tournaments that you can enter online, so if you are someone that does not want to wager a considerable amount, you don’t have to enter one of the poker tournaments in a land casino, you can simply play at home. You have the potential to win big from a small investment as well. With a small stake, you can end up laddering up to a high pocket of cash.

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SBWA+2019 July 2019

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The time is drawing nearer to the most distinguished event for all gaming industry professionals and related trade sector stakeholders in West Africa.

Join Eventus International at the Eko Hotel & Suites in the heart of Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria from 23 to 25 July this year to network with the most esteemed gaming industry experts and operators from Africa and the rest of the globe.

Which operators can you expect to meet at SBWA+2019

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Gaming Expo Francophone Africa (GEFA)

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Platform Infinity, event organisers of the inaugural Gaming Expo Francophone Africa and Eventus International, event partners, announced on Monday, 3 June 2019 that GEFA 2019 will be moved to 2020.

The inaugural Gaming Expo Francophone Africa Summit was set to take place from 26 – 28 June 2019 in Abidjan in Ivory Coast, but due to the vast market, Platform Infinity and Eventus International decided to move the event to 2020 in order to create a bigger following for the event globally and locally.

“The Francophone gaming market has great potential and we identified a need for an event to be hosted especially for the French speaking African countries. We were amazed with the interest GEFA has received, but the numbers are not what we want it to be at this time. We believe by moving the event to 2020, we can use the extra marketing lead time to generate further interest internationally, as well as from all across the French speaking countries in Africa.” – Yudi Soetjiptadi, Eventus International

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2 Weeks Left to All American Sports Betting Summit

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News alert: There are only two weeks left to secure your seat at the All American Sports Betting Summit taking place at Monmouth Park.

With legalized sports betting the hottest topic in US gaming today, the All American Sports Betting Summit is a not to be missed event for all serious-minded gaming industry professionals.

AASBS 2019 takes place from 18 to 19 June on the Jersey Shore at renowned Monmouth Park with its illustrious background, also home to the first legal sports bet placed in the history of New Jersey. The event includes attendance of the American Gambling Awards, organized by Gambling.com and hosted by fantasy sports analyst, New York Times best-selling author and host of The Fantasy Show on ESPN+, Matthew Berry.

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