Best new bitcoin casino 2018

Congratulations, it’s a great time to play with bitcoins online. Never before have there been so much to choose from. Last year more than 40 new bitcoin casinos have been launched. We have reviewed more than 120 BTC casinos to create this list. In the list below you’ll find the best new bitcoin casinos 2018 that we selected. Check out how to play at a new bitcoin casino by clicking read more.

Join us when we explore how to play in a new bitcoin casino, what to think about and maybe more importantly what to look out for. Before we dive deeper into how to play on the new bitcoin casinos allow us to quickly remind you of our process when choosing which casinos to play on. We pride ourselves on the fact that we test each and every one of our casinos individually. Then we filter out the top sites that we have found to be reliable, serious and that offer a premium Bitcoin casino experience. If a site can pass our rigorous test it is given our stamp of approval. That goes with all our casinos regardless if the site is an established site or a completely new bitcoin casino.

With that said let’s move on how to play in a new bitcoin casino. The process is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is to find a casino, register an account and start playing. Done and done! But wait a second how do I know which bitcoin casino to choose? Where do I start? Well, the answer to these questions is a bit more complex. So let’s dissect them.

How to find a new bitcoin casino

The easiest way to find a new bitcoin casino that suits you is to ask yourself: What am I looking for in a bitcoin casino? In the bitcoin casino space, a lot of casinos offer different experiences, games and quality. We have some of the best, contemporary sites in the casino business as well as some of the worst. If you are not sure what you are looking for we would recommend you to start with one of the established brands. Why not check out the casinos we have reviewed? The best part of choosing one of those casinos is that we have laid out the groundwork for you by testing each site. You will find beautiful designed sites as well as more basic ones. Big bonuses and smaller ones. But rest assured that one thing they all have in common is that they all are trustworthy and reliable sites. Just remember that just like with human preferences not every site is created equal which means that one person’s garbage is another person’s treasure. What we are trying to allude to is that one might like a bitcoin casino site while the majority of persons don’t like it. The important thing is that you find a site that you like and are comfortable with, especially when it comes to new bitcoin casino sites. And the only sure way for you to know if you like a site is actually to try it.

New bitcoin casino – Where do I start?
Start by checking out the new bitcoin casino sites here on our pages. If you want, you can read our reviews of the sites before you make up your mind and choose a new bitcoin casino candidate to try out. Whichever site you choose have already been tested by us so you can feel comfortable depositing your bitcoins to it.

The next step is to click on one of our links and register an account. Easy peasy! Now it’s time to make your first deposit. Depending on which site you play and which wallet you use you make the deposit through the site. That’s it! Now it’s time to play!

Good folks, there you have it a short but information dense guide on how to play on a new bitcoin casino. As you can see the trick is to simplify the selection process. How very convenient that we have done it for you, don’t you think?


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Trends in new bitcoin casinos 2018

The gambling world is changing fast. That’s part of the fun for us who are working in it. We can see some trends in the market. The latest trends in new bitcoin casinos 2018 are the live casino, sportsbooks, esports betting, virtual sports and a lot of new games.

We almost forgot the bonuses! The newest bitcoin casinos in 2018 are pushing new no deposit bonuses to attract players. The number of free spins as drastically increase. Today more than half of the new casino bitcoins give away free spins as part of their welcome offers. Since the value of a BTC skyrocketed in 2017 we can see that the BTC bonuses have become slightly lower to adjust for the increased value. A 1 BTC bonus is still insanely big compared to what traditional casinos are offering though. Read more about bonuses on our bonus page.

If we begin by looking at the new bitcoin live casino games that have been launched over the last year we see more operators taking action on the market. Netent and Evolution, the giants on the market are put under pressure. With new live casino developer, many new games are launched.

Another trend is more bitcoin sports betting. More sports are added to the sites and the competition among the bookers forces them to give more back to the players. Better odds, better supply of live betting and faster withdraws are some of the features we’ve seen in 2017. Everything is pointing towards an even better 2018 for the players!

Esports betting and virtual sports are two fields of BTC gambling that is grown. They don’t surpass the traditional sports betting nor casino for some years yet. But the youths are both watching and looking at a lot of esports. It’s only natural that we will see more Esports games on the new bitcoin casinos in 2018.


Who is behind all new bitcoin casinos?

The market for online gaming has grown exponentially for the last 15 years. It began with poker and bingo in the early 2000s. Then developed into casino and sports betting. What will be the next trends in online gambling?

The first generation bitcoin casinos popped up in 2013. They were mainly operated as single entities. Closed uncontrolled sites where people could gamble with bitcoins. Today we see new bitcoin casinos launching every month. There are to categories of people behind the latest bitcoin casinos. One category is those who just add another payment method to their regular casino. By adding BTC to their site they open up for a new clientele. The second group of people that open new bitcoin online casinos are real crypto enthusiasts who want to combine their interest for cryptocurrencies with their willingness to make money.

New BTC casinos are one of few ways to get the full potential out of cryptocurrencies.

We like the bitcoin casinos that allow the players to really exploit the power of BTC. Hence we believe the second category of people is creating the best bitcoin casinos 2018.

New BTC casinos mean better competition

The increasing number of new BTC casino on the market creates a tougher climate for the currently operating casinos. In 2017 alone more than 50 casinos adapted to the new technique and allowed their players to use BTC on their sites. More competition among the casinos is a good sign for the players. To attract new bitcoin customers, the best bitcoin casinos, have to come up new features on their sites and better deals for their players.

There are many examples of markets where increase competition has revolutionized the market. The more sites there are, the better quality they need to have in order to be attractive. Quality is something that benefits everybody. It’s funnier to work for someone with a quality focus, and it’s funnier to play at a site that clearly knows what they are doing. Another big pro is that the bad apples in the business quickly get kicked out. As soon as the word spread those sites are closed down or wiped out by customer-focused competitors.

Safety in new bitcoin online casinos

The new casino bitcoin sites we see are all very secure. Everybody is using SSL to protect the information on the site. Most pure BTC site also uses extra encryptions to protect the BTC. Some of them are downloading the bitcoins to keep them safe offline.

Another relevant aspect of safety is if the games are fair. The increasing competition has led to more games, and more game developers in the new bitcoin casinos 2018. The tradition bitcoin games have given way to slots from Netent, Microgaming, Evolution Gaming. The popular old bitcoin games have added mathematical algorithms to ensure the players that the games are fair. For instance, we can show you the pre-shuffled deck before every hand, and allow you to ‘cut it’ with a seed of your choice.

The newest bitcoin casinos try harder

As a consequence of the tougher competition, the newest bitcoin casinos try harder. Their sites are usually better adapted to mobile casino. The new bitcoin bonuses are higher and it’s easier to understand how the bonus program works. The general feeling is that new casinos need to put more effort to get customers, but also to keep them.

Traditionally, there were only a few casinos on the market. Now there are 1000s. We have found more than 300 bitcoin    casino. The simple result is that unhappy customers can choose a different casino with a few button clicks.

New bitcoin casino bonuses

An important part of any casino review and comparison site like this is casino bonuses. There are some exciting trends when it comes to bitcoin bonuses in 2018. After reviewing more than 120 casinos we have seen it all. The newest bitcoin casinos bonuses can be in bitcoins as well as cash. The choices have never been so many. If you’re new to the game, there are free bitcoin bonuses or bonuses that require deposits. To read more about new bitcoin casino bonuses we recommend our bonus page or better still, sign up for the newsletter and you’ll get the latest offers direct to your inbox.

New bitcoin casinos no deposit

The best stuff in life is free, right? Fresh air, love and sleep… When playing online there are also some chances to come across a new bitcoin casino no deposit bonus. Some examples of that are Bitstarz and Vegas Crest. When this article was written in March 2018 these casinos were offering free spins to every person who signs up an account.

In the lists on, you’ll find the new and updated bonuses every day. We are doing our best to scan the market for the best opportunities for our readers. We are in daily contact with many online casinos in order to ensure the best quality of our content. Sometimes we can even give our readers unique sign up bonuses or extra-large welcome offers. This is a fun treat for us, as thanks to our readers.

How new bitcoin online casino keep their players

Bitcoin casinos often come with a bad reputation. We have chosen to collaborate with regulated and reliable sites which warrants our customers for fair treatments. As a player, you need to be careful with your money. We can supply you with tips, reviews, and our experience. We always recommend however to read the T&Cs on each site before you deposit money. Something to look for:

  • Wagering requirement
  • Restricted countries
  • Withdraw policies

A casino bonus has two tasks for the casino. The most obvious is to give the players more to play with and therefore better chances to grab a jackpot. The second and most important reason for the casino is to keep the player at the casino. The longer a player stays at the new bitcoin casino the better it is for the casino. The player has time to adjust to the new site, find the games and perhaps deposit more than one time. People are creatures of habits. The casino wants us to create a habit to play at that particular place. If a habit is formed, then other casinos will be less interesting to us.

Bonuses and wagering requirement might be negative things the casino does to keep their players. More optimistic and positive things they do is to develop a better gambling platform. In order to keep the player, the new bitcoin casino has to be in constant morph mood. New thrilling features need to be added, the user interface needs to keep up with the latest styles and a loyalty program that rewards devoted players have to be in place.

A good way to keep the players is to offer casino, sportsbook and poker all at the same site. The people that like sports often play online casino as well. A restless poker player might hit a few spins at Twinspin while waiting for the right hand to play at the poker table.

We recommend the gambling sites to focus more on quality and the service they provide to keep the players than restrictions and constraints. We believe in maximizing our players’ gambling experience, rather than forcing them to stay by a hidden clause in the T&C.

Development of new bitcoin mobile casinos

Mobility and freedom are keys to the society of 2018. The mobiles are our best friends and the services in them are getting ever more advanced. In gambling, the cell phone has taken a central part. Few casinos out there are limited to desktops these days. However, the differences between the new bitcoin mobile casinos are still huge. Some sites have fully embraced the new technology while others are still struggling with the adjustments.

We find it essential to the gambling experience that the casino is fully adapted to mobility. We believe in freedom and the ability to play whenever and where ever. Playing bitcoin casino makes waiting in line so much more enjoyable.

Is it possible to win BIG at a new bitcoin casino?

One question we often get is if you can still win the big money at a new bitcoin casino. How a new casino affords bit jackpots? The answer is YES you can win the biggest jackpots there too. Most jackpots are network jackpots. It means that it’s not the casinos that handle the jackpot, it’s the game developers. For instance, if you’d play at Mega Moolah you’re contributing to the jackpot every time you don’t win it. The same does every other player at every casino until it releases. Mega Moolah has a progressive network jackpot.

As long as you play on the networks jackpots from the big companies like Netent, Microgaming and Playtech you have the same chance to get the €10M jackpot as any other player. Good luck and have fun!