Bitcoin Casino Australia

Australia is a restricted gambling market. It makes it ideal for bitcoin casino Australia to flourish. In this guide, we take a closer look at the Australian gambling market. We guide you how you can play with bitcoins, which casinos are available, and what do think about to maximise your gambling experience.

Australia is one of the leading gambling markets in the world. However, it mostly applies to land-based gambling. It is because currently the online casinos are strictly banned. What’s good, though, is that the country doesn’t prohibit its residents from playing in online casinos. That’s why the bitcoin casino Australia is getting more and more popular among gambling enthusiasts in this country. Then, we are happy to answer to that demand with an article that aims to provide all information necessary for you to get into the online bitcoin gambling.

Play at an Australian bitcoin casino

It’s up to you how will you get to play bitcoin casino in Australia. There is a total ban on online casinos in Australia. Therefore, you have the two possibilities to play. We will describe each of these. What’s more, we will argue their pros and cons.

  1. The first option is to choose licensed bitcoin casino that allows you to play with bitcoins in Australia. There are online cryptocurrency casinos with the license of Curacao or Malta and most openly welcome Australian players. It is probably the most famous among the Australian residents. In general, a license ensures you a safe experience, which is crucial as we are dealing with real money. Furthermore, casinos of this type often have good, provably fair games from the best providers in the industry. A significant con about this option is that you need to make sure if you can play at that casino. Moreover, you need to prove your identity in these casinos.All the Australian bitcoin casinos on the list we provide with 4 or more stars do have a legit license. Then, they all apply for this option. However, as we continuously try to have the list up to date, there still might be changes that we miss. Then, it’s up to you to always make sure that the casino of your choice allows you to play. If it doesn’t, you may have problems with withdrawal. To make sure that the casino allows you to play, ask the support about it and read the rules of the website.Usually, there are two types of bitcoin casino Australia – the first one is an online casino website that allows you to deposit with BTC. Then, the site converts your coins into dollars or other regular currency. There are also well-liked, pure bitcoin casinos. There you can have fun with a full cryptos experience, so you deposit and play with bitcoins or other coins. You can also have fun with some rare games for cryptos only.
  2. The second option is an unlicensed casino. It’s a more risky way to get into the bitcoin gambling Australia. These websites are often full bitcoin casinos that allow you to deposit and play with BTC. They operate in unregulated states; then, they are free to do what they want. Lack of supervision of the casino often leads to delayed withdrawals. In rare situations, an unlicensed casino can even refuse to pay winnings to the player. Read terms carefully not to give them reasons to do that. For example, don’t make more than one account. As you can see, this option is riskier than the first one. A lack of a license means you have little support in case of an incident with the casino. Such places also often have poor customer service.Still, there are some advantages. First of all, such places are open for everyone, no matter the law in your country. Furthermore, you are entirely anonymous here. It means that such casino won’t verify your identity or even ask for details. It can help you avoid paying taxes for bitcoin transactions. Because the casino side also has lower operating costs, the bonuses may be much better. Full bitcoin casinos also include particular games like a bitcoin dice. Maybe most importantly, a fully developed bitcoin casino also provides support for other cryptocurrencies than BTC. For example; Dogecoins, Litecoins, Ethereum and more are available to use here.

Finally, there are also casinos that ban players from Australia in respect of its governing laws. However, you can bypass that ban by using a VPN program that changes your IP. But there’s no point to play this way if you won’t be able to payout winnings when the casino asks for your identity. But if you want, you can try and ask the support if it would be OK that you play. It may rarely work, so consider it as the 3rd option.

Best Australian bitcoin casinos 2018

Currently, in the market, you can consider 51 casinos a bitcoin casino Australia, so the one that welcomes Australian players. It is a vast choice. The market of that country is one of the biggest in the world, so the industry answers for the significant demand. It means that you, as an Australian player, have access to the most valued bitcoin casinos. Some of the best Australian bitcoin casinos 2018 are on our list. These are the ones like BitStarz Bitcoin with a juicy 20 free spins no deposit bonus. Among the best Australian BTC casinos there are also:

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Advantages of playing at an Australian bitcoin casino

As a player, you may wonder – what are the reasons to choose a bitcoin casino over a regular one? Of course, most of the people do that because they are enthusiasts of the cryptocurrencies. And it’s OK to be like that, because it indeed may be the future of currencies. However, if you are an ordinary player, there is still something that Bitcoin has to offer you.

First of all, bitcoins allow you to have near instant deposits and withdrawals. No personal information required, so you are often entirely anonymous. What’s more, the transactions with bitcoin carry no fee. The lack of regulations or license that happens in bitcoin casinos also has a positive side. In this case both a casino and an Australian bitcoin sportsbook benefit from lack of taxes. For sportsbook, it means better, higher odds for the players as a result of smaller house-take.

Bonuses on bitcoin casinos in Australia

The bonuses are higher with BTC than they are with the regular currency. Even 1 BTC welcome bonus beats probably all the usual ones. However, there are bonuses even higher than that, reaching 5 BTC. But remember – there is no welcome bonus without the wagering requirements. Always check these out, because sometimes the wagering requirement can have a harmful impact on your overall experience. Good wagering is about x30-x40, and it needs to be completed only for the bonus money. It allows you to profit in the best way from a bitcoin casino bonus Australia. But in BTC casinos there are also free spins and no deposit bonuses. Therefore, you can see the bonus offer are the same as in standard online casinos.

Gambling in Australia today

Throughout the history, gaming was a viral activity for all the Australians. Moreover, this hasn’t changed at all as the time passed. Quite the opposite. In the year 2007, Australia had become the most important gambling society on the planet. The data claimed that over 80% of adults in Australia had taken part in gambling. After that, the popularity diminished just a bit for a few years. However, now it’s raising again to the previous levels. You can find sources of the information on Australia’s government site (

What does it mean to us? Australia is one of the most important gambling markets in the industry. For many years it had the biggest amounts wagered in gambling in the world. Therefore, it means that there is also a massive demand for the bitcoin gambling Australia. But what are the laws for online bitcoin casinos?

In general, it’s prohibited in Australia to offer internet gambling services. Therefore, a company operating in Australia cannot allow gambling activities to customers. It’s the same for offshore casinos. It sounds very rough, and in fact, it is. But there is also a bright side of that. That is because the law doesn’t forbid residents to play with bitcoins in Australia. Then, if you play in some offshore bitcoin casino, you won’t face any issues. However, you need to make sure that the casino accepts Australian players. Nowadays, there are also propositions on how to regulate Bitcoin transactions in Australia. You should also stay up to date considering that. However, some bitcoin casinos allow you to play entirely anonymously. If you add to it the fact that the bitcoin transactions are hard to track, you may avoid some regulations.

BTC sport betting in Australia

Sports betting is a gambling entertainment that requires a bit of skill. Australians love it as much as the casinos. That’s why bitcoin sports betting in Australia is as popular as the casino activities. The benefit of using bitcoins is again the increased anonymity and better odds. Sports betting sites often also include a bonus just like the casinos do. Then, if you love any game, you can head to a BTC Australian sportsbook to get the best experience.

New bitcoin casinos in Australia

If you look for the news in the casino industry, our site is genuinely abundant with that. We have experienced staff working to provide the most current and accurate information in the news section. Bitcoin gambling Australia market steadily grows. Most of the new casinos are welcome for the customers from this country. New bitcoin casinos in Australia allow you to get a better experience as the competition between sites increases. Overall, it means a better customer service for you, a more extensive choice and a safer time while playing.

A word of caution:

To compile the lists of Australian bitcoin casinos on the page, we have contacted the support and read the terms and conditions on each site. However, the information might change. We continuously try to keep the lists updated. Still, there might be changes that we miss. In case you aim to play in an “offshore” casino that doesn’t specify its policy towards Australian players, you might meet problems upon requesting a withdrawal. Therefore, it’s important always to do your research before you deposit any money into the casino account. Read the terms and conditions carefully and ask the support in case anything is unclear to you. You may want to make sure if you can play even if the site doesn’t explicitly ban players from Australia.