You Can Check Out All Airdrops Quickly With Airdrop Alert

Some people look for aidrops to get some free coins and try their luck. Nothing wrong about that!

However, it might be tiresome to look for free coins by yourself.

Airdrop Alert solves that. It’s a straightforward website listing all airdrops, so you save your time.

How does it work?

Well, visit the website, and you will have access to all ongoing airdrops. There are three main categories: Upcoming, Active and Past. The names are self-explanatory, aren’t they?

When you click on any airdrop, a page with a short description and a link to the site will appear. Simplicity is undoubtedly a strong point of Aidrop Alert.


We are also not sure if you are aware of the fact the website has something more to offer. It also posts some good articles to read. If you are into some crypto news, that may be something for you.

There is another deal:

If you don’t like to visit the site every day, looking for a new airdrop, then consider subscribing to their mailing list. If something new on the site shows up, you’ll get notifications via email. Well, that’s one of the most popular forms of informing customers today, so it’s a great idea to join.

Is it safe?

There is no doubt the website is safe. It cannot be dangerous itself as it only lists the airdrops.

Are aidrops you enter safe, though?

That’s for you to decide. The fact is that such events happen because specific start-ups or projects need to get a wider audience. You get some coins, and they get recognition. Therefore, it’s a fair trade, and since the coins are free, it isn’t dangerous. However, we saw some rouge bitcoin casinos advertising as Aidrop. We would be careful with such offers, but we don’t instantly say they are a scam. Still, bitcoin casinos and aidrops are something entirely different, and shouldn’t be used synonymously.

What’s more, you can earn a “bounty” by informing the support of the website about scams. If you discover an offer that seems shady, report it to the customer service. There is a reward for you! It also proves that the site indeed cares about the safety of what they offer.

Star Ratings

To show the readers how good is the given offer, the creators introduced five-stars grading system. It’s similar to reviewing sites.

A five-star deal is a must-join. There is no reason to miss such a good one. It also means it’s safe to go. The four-star event has potentially high value, and it’s legitimate. A three-star offer is a regular one, and also trustworthy. Two-star deals are valid, but the estimated value is quite low. Finally, you can join one-star deals at your own risk. Those airdrops that didn’t make it to the website were recognised as scams.

OK, but what exactly is crypto aidrop?

The popular form of crypto aidrop is a distribution of free tokens for Ethereum or Bitcoin holders. The fact is that many tokens are based on ETH or BTC blockchains, so it’s the most common aidrop type. As you can see, the coins aren’t so entirely “free”, as you still need to have some ETH or BTC in the wallet. It’s also often the case that the amount of extra tokens is based on the amount you’ve got in your purse.

Projects we’ve mentioned before – those who use airdrops as a tool for marketing – usually require a simple social media task. That might be sharing their post, liking the page, etc.

Finally, there is Hardfork, which is a rarer, but still known option to do the event. At specific block number, the chain hardfork’s into two different chains. To put it simply, if miner claims those chains, he now has 2 separate coins.

Social media is a powerhouse of free tokens

Currently, the most popular way to do an airdrop is the second choice. The website Airdrop Alert suggests being active on social media. Some events require you to have a minimum number of followers on Twitter, for example. Discord, Facebook, Reddit or Linkedin are also possible options.

Here’s the other deal:

The Airdrop Alert platform seeks to find the exclusive deals with ICO’s. Thanks to that, you can get to the event that you won’t see anywhere else. You need to be subscribed to the website, though. Thanks to that, new opportunities open. And those are not just worst – at the time of writing four exclusive offers are available for Airdrop Alert subscribers.

List your aidrop!

Are you a creator? Would you like to advertise your event on their site? It’s easy. Airdrop Alert lets you list your offer, and an analyst should see if it’s legitimate. That’s all you need to advertise your start-up ICO.

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