VDice.Io Review - What Is VDice?

vDice is styled after SatoshiDICE, the famous Blockchain-based betting game. This gambling platform is Ethereum-based and to play, you must send Ether to the smart contract, and you will be rewarded based on different random numbers. The Oracle is, and this service has been in existence since June 2016. It also claims to have handled over 6,000 bets. The service sold an Ethereum Meta vDice token known as vSlice tokens, and this entitles all holders up to 50% of the house profits. This was discontinued after the ICO ended in December 2016.

This budding cryptocurrency betting site is like a bitcoin dice game. The only difference between vDice and SatoshiDICE is that the former is for Ether holders exclusively. This feature makes it unique among the long list of crypto gambling sites as it uses Smart Contracts and works on Ethereum network. is a favourite among Blockchain nerds despite being the new kid on the block. It is because the service is a fully decentralised gambling website, the first of its kind. Due to the Ethereum technology, it doesn’t need servers. It also guarantees fair gameplay since no one can know the result before time.

The ‘v’ in vDice is coined by Vitalik Buterin, the creator of Ethereum. It pays homage to Buterin, the brain behind the concept of betting with ETH.

How to play vDice casino

This game is ETH dice, and this makes betting very simple. All you need to do is pick a number and send a bet of no less than 0.0036 ETH to a vDice Ethereum address.

After sending the bet, the server logs the bet and rolls the dice randomly. Players win when the roll is below their chosen number. It is very similar to SatoshiDICE; after all, it was inspired by the famous game.

The amount of winnings by a player is mostly dependent on how high the player’s odds were for having the number during the bet. When a player wins, the ETH is deposited in his/her account immediately.

Players can wager continuously as the process happens within a short time – usually less than a minute. Bets made on the platform are fair, and players can be guaranteed a fair game. The process is auditable, and the transactions and bets are listed openly on the site for everyone to see.

Features you should know about

Invest: players are not restricted to gambling in the dice game, they can also use the Ethereum platform to invest in the site itself. They can also invest in all games as well as individual games. What can you gain from investing in the games? When any players lose a bet, investors get a share of their bet placed since they invested in the games.

Note that, to be an investor in vDice games, you must invest. Only top investors receive a part of the gamblers’ losses. So, if another investor invests more than you do, you may not receive any share.

Smart Contracts: another unique feature of vDice is the Oracle function of ETH Blockchain for smart processing. It ensures that every transaction is processed in seconds. It is a lot faster than bitcoin when it comes to processing speed. However, with quick processing comes fees. It should be expected.

Promotions: users will not find bonuses on vDice. However, they can increase coins through the investment program mentioned earlier. You can choose to invest in all or single games and play Players get a part of bettor’s wagers, but this applies to only ten top investors. When you invest more, you stand a chance of becoming one of the top ten.

Withdrawals and Payments: the casino-based platform is simple to use. You do not need an account you only need to choose a bet, and this bet will generate the code. The code will be sent to the player’s wallet with the minimum deposit. A random number will be rolled to determine if the bet won.

You need a wallet to play vDice with ether. A highly recommended site for this is Jaxx Wallet. When you have this wallet, you can bet on the site. Withdrawals and deposits are so simple that you just need your wallet address.

Cryptocurrencies: is there a particular vDice coin for betting? Ethereum is the sole cryptocurrency allowed on the service to promote instant transactions. There is a growing number of ETH users, and this can be attributed to its fast processing speed.

Should you play vDice?

If you love casino-based platforms, you will love vDice. It offers familiar traditional dice gambling. Even though it supports a single digital coin, players can expect smarter transactions. The website is also simple but packed with the necessary information for users.

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