Satoshi’S Secret Slot

Let’s face it we would not be able to call ourselves a Bitcoin casino guide if we did not have a review of the casino slot Satoshi’s Secret produced by Endorphina. This slot bears the name of the founder of Bitcoin so you see why this would be unacceptable. However, the truth is that the slot machine is such a good one we would have the review either way!

As you probably already know the slots produced by Endorphina are of the highest quality, deliver an excellent player experience and Satoshi’s secret is no different. The game takes you into the world of cryptocurrencies, hackers and fiat currencies. Although the game design is very contemporary, the black and green style reminds one of the block buster movie The Matrix. So if you want to take a trip down the memory lane and still experience a modern, a fast pace slot Satoshi’s secret is the perfect fit for you.

The game is the worlds first crypto themed slot machine paying tribute to Satoshi Nakamoto, the anonymous founder of Bitcoin. Here you will be taken on a hackers journey when you play on 20 lines and six different rows. One thing that makes this slot so good is that the game manages to capture the player’s attention. It is well done when taking to account the games ability to engage the player through the bonus games, well-made symbols and fast pace. The excellent graphics and the cool sound is only the cherry on top. Did you know that this game is the first game from Endorphina that have six reels and two different bonus games? Now you do. You can win big either on the Hacking bonus or the Trading bonus.

The trading bonus game lets you explore your investment capabilities and preferences. Unlock the bonus by hitting four Bitcoin symbols. That will open up the first Satoshi’s Secret bonus feature. Do you like to play it safe or risk it all is the question you will have to ask yourself in this bonus mode? The other hacking bonus or the QWERTY bonus activates the hacking way where you can hack bank accounts. Don’t worry you are not doing anything illegal since you are hacking them in the game. When you are done hacking, just remember to exchange the amounts into cryptocurrencies so no one can detect you!

To wrap this review up, we would like to highly recommend this imaginative slot perfectly suitable for the bitcoin crowd. At the same time, Satoshi’s Secret is a game suitable for anyone that wants a casino slot with high production value, fresh design and that creates a great player experience.

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