Play Casino Without Swedish Casino License

It’s summertime and we can all enjoy the Swedish summer. If you’re not Swedish, you might not know about the best summer in the world, the Swedish! Sweden might not have the best weather most of the year, but in July and August we can boost with 25 degrees and sunny weather, and all Swedes are outside… all the time!

But unfortunately, like Tomas Ledin sings: the summer is short. So it’s soon time to go back inside again. For those who enjoys Swedish online casino, there are a lot to offer in 2021. On, you’ll find the latest casinos for every taste some has license, other are casinos without a Swedish license, or as the swedes say: spela casino utan svensk licens.

Some people prefer to play at casinos without a license despite the risks which come with it. When you gamble at an unlicensed casino, you don’t get the protection of the Swedish gambling authority. It might mean that you need to pay taxes on your winnings, or worst, your get screwed by an online casino that refuse to pay your winnings at all. BUT, many Swedes like unlicensed casinos since they can offer things licensed casinos can’t. Among many, it’s the bonuses people wants. Unlimited deposit bonuses, reload bonuses and VIP status are important for some players.

There are pros and cons with a license system. In Sweden, and many other countries, the main purpose of the license is to bring in tax money. Sure, it’s important to get taxes, but then the authorities need to be clear that that is the reason. In Sweden, the authorities claim the regulation is for the best of the players, to protect players from gambling harm. It’s a noble cause, but very ineffective the way it’s run at the moment. Under the current system, the people who needs protection are those who get around the regulations the most.

There are ways to stop this. In countries like Poland, the authorities are use IP blocking on unlicensed casinos. It makes it much harder from anybody from Poland to access these sites. In Sweden, the authorities haven’t done anything like that (yet at least). The only difference as of today is that some casinos carry a license, and some don’t. For an outside observer it’s easy to spot a resentment in the casino trying to following the rules, only to face competition from casinos which can do whatever they want without.

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