Different Aspects of Bitcoin and Esports

The interest in esports has grown so tremendously in recent years that esports wagering is getting huge with the industry reach to the point of intersection between technology, gambling, and entertainment. The global esports industry is expected to generate approximately $1.4 billion by 2020. Since esports can only be entered through playing or by betting, your gaming skills need to be top notch to be a successful gamer to be on the top. That leaves you with the easier option of entering the exciting world of esports.

The rise in esports is attributed to the increase in financial rewards offered in the esports tournaments with some offerings over $10-$20 million that players enjoy. Such attractive packages have attracted many Bitcoin users to this platform.

Besides big prize money in esports betting, various other aspects have also contributed to the rise in esports, especially among Bitcoin gaming sites.

Bonuses and Cash Payouts

The fast turnaround period with which prizes are given in esports has played an essential role in elevating the market in Bitcoin sites. The developers have upgraded the casino platforms to make sure that withdrawals are not delayed. All these efforts are to crease appreciation and loyalty for online betting. The efficiency and quick response to the customer’s query is a primary factor leading to the enhanced reputation and image of esports betting on Bitcoin sites.


The technology developments in different aspects of betting have revolutionized the way the sports industry is functioning. The reason for growing Bitcoin popularity is its overall convenience. With a simple click on the mobile phone, players can place their bets and wait for the outcome. In case of esports, being able to watch the match proceedings live not only gives you an excellent chance to experience the play on first hand, but you also get aware of your betting move, if done on the right player. While the game proceeds, you will be well updated to decide the right player to bet on.

Variety of Games

Another important aspect is the availability of the wide range of games on the esports sites making it popular among Bitcoin gamers. Some of the famous games include Overwatch, Counter-Strike, Dota 2, etc. The complexity and the compelling visuals will keep the players on their toes as they battle against each other. The prowess of players will inform the wager to get an idea of who needs to be banked in next game set.

Live & Interactive

Another captivating feature of esports is also the fact that it opens a social platform for all the players involved. The live broadcast of the game is available to the audience across the world allowing you the chance to chat and interact with other audience members, gamers and also the individuals who are officiating the duel.

Technological Innovation

Bitcoin casinos offer the different variety of esports betting opportunities to continually evolve in technology innovations. One such innovation that has become quite popular with the players is the live casino where users can bet on live games without leaving their respective homes. Also, online casinos are accepting BTC leading to more demands in developing games that straight away takes Bitcoins and allow users to bet directly.

Benefits of Bitcoins for esports Betting

The esports sites that use Bitcoin as its primary betting currency are more convenient than the standard online betting sites. Though there are hybrid sites which offer both conventional currencies and Bitcoins, a completely devoted Bitcoin site is where you receive full benefits of Bitcoin.

The benefits are free transactions and complete anonymity no matter if betting or gambling is considered illegal in your location. Most of the esports betting sites do not require any personal information or registration keeping the process simple and convenient.


The ever-changing gaming and betting space promise to upgrade more advancement in the field of esports and online betting. The stakeholders and gaming community has welcomed Bitcoins with open arms as the payment method avoid users accounts to be frozen. To conclude, esports betting through Bitcoin is perhaps the best way to bet safely without hesitation and quick winning withdrawals giving you a complete win-o-win situation.

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