Bitcoin World Cup Betting

2018 is here and so is the eagerly wait for FIFA World Cup 2018 to witness some of the world’s best football teams in action. This is also the time when sports bettors find themselves in heaven for a month-long adventure. From the day one to the finals, the quality, and the drama will be top notch and highly palpable. The restless 90 minutes are highly awaited in the betting world where the histories will be created leaving some to celebrate and some to deliberate their strategies in both football fields as well as well as betting fields. 21st FIFA World Cup tournament will have 32 teams including the last 20 teams who participated and competed in 2014 World Cup.

Bettors from across the globe would heavily bet on every big or small match to judge their decisions with team’s playing history but more on their fate and luck. Since there are total 64 games in the tournament, the gambling platform use tons of tricks to place the met using different mode of transactions. One such form of transaction that has expanded a lot in last few years is Bitcoin Betting. That’s right! The FIFA bitcoin betting has become a raging topic among sports enthusiast across all the gambling industry in the world. However, people still find themselves in dilemma to understand right platforms and ways to participate in the famous Bitcoin sports betting world cup football trend.

For those looking for different online sites to for Bitcoin betting football world cup, it’s going to be a huge dividend for bettors to open a Bitcoin account which can be opened within few minutes. After purchasing the bitcoins at any bitcoin exchange, all you would need is to sign up for any of the top bitcoin sportsbooks online.

The betting enthusiasts who are new to the Bitcoin gambling world cup news would need to do their homework before the final days arrive and they get to test their luck. There are few basic things that you should know about Bitcoin football betting before going all in for the final days of FIFA World Cup 2018.

Where to Bet

To start the betting process the betters must be aware of right platform to bet on. In order to pick the right Bitcoin sportsbook or sites based on few parameters like best betting odds, range etc. Highlighting some of the parameters to ease out the process of picking the right platform for FIFA world cup 2018 bitcoin betting.

Best Odds:

The odds help you gain the potentially big payouts for the betting you like to make. You can compare different best odds for Bitcoin betting for world cup and select the one offering the highest payout for your betting amount. Remember higher the betting odds, the better the possibility to win. However, it can also mean the event will less likely to happen.

Largest Range of Bets:

The second most important factor to keep in mind while choosing the betting site is the range of bets offered by the Bitcoin sportsbook. There are many sites offering over 50 betting markets for every game in the shortest time mark.

No matter which country you live and what sort of bettor you might be, there are many trusted online Bitcoin sportsbooks such as Cloudbet, Nitrogen Sports, BetVIP and many more conveniently listed for every country

Different Types of Betting

There are different options to bet on world cup with bitcoins from betting on single games to betting on teams expected to win the FIFA World Cup. But many people are not familiar with the terms used for FIFA world cup bitcoin betting. Here are different types Bitcoin betting for the world cup.

Money Line:

The money line bet is a simple bet on a team that you pick for the win. Your favorite team has excellent chances to win but may offer you lesser payouts while the underdogs are riskier but can offer big profits.


The spread betting will give you an option to bet on the number of goals with which a team will lose or win by.


For future betting, the bettors can place their wager before World Cup or during the tournament on the team they think will win the competition. Since odds are given on all the teams, future betting can get big profits if bettors make the right bet on the best time.


Besides individual and game betting, Bitcoin sportsbook also offers betting options for anything that will happen during the tournament such as the number of goals by players, number of matches won by a team etc.

There are also other knockout stages and winner betting options for every game, goals, and matches that are drawn and won.

Since every bettor wants to make the most of World cup period, to win some it’s necessary that they learn little about teams, their history, their recent matches and performance instead of relying on media reports as they are mostly paid to highlight the game predictions.

The bettors should use FIFA world cup betting bitcoin on pre-games and live play bets, to find out what suits better and can follow the progress for future bitcoin FIFA world cup 2018 betting. Finally, try some unique ideas such as betting on draws, betting against the team before they lose to increase your chance of winning.

It is a well-known fact now that people who participate in bitcoin betting can enjoy freedom as the digital currency is not controlled by government or banks. Moreover, the bitcoin address is obtained for free of cost and there are no transaction fees on most of the wallets and if there are they are either too less or almost non-existent.

The best thing about Bitcoin world cup football 2018 betting is that it’s anonymous. Bettors don’t have to reveal their location, names, credit card details and so to make a deposit, withdraw and bet for World cup football bitcoin. The Bitcoin WC 2018 betting is going to be all about fast betting, deposits, and withdrawals making it one of the most popular betting forms for FIFA World Cup.

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