Bitcoin Payments for Online Casinos in India

Cryptocurrencies are more popular than ever and have become a kind of stock market on their own. Gold has been a common and solid investment for a long time, but there is a new sheriff in town when it comes to investing in valuables.
There are several popular cryptocurrencies to choose from, but the king of the bunch is of course Bitcoin. The increase in both value and amount of people that use it has led to online casinos starting to accept it as payment.
There are several benefits to using cryptocurrency as a banking option at gambling sites, making it a nice addition to the Indian casino enthusiast.

Safe and secure

One of the biggest advantages of paying with cryptocurrencies is that it is simply one of the most secure ways to go about it. Several layers of encryption and verifications throughout the process make it very safe and transactions are instant. Many online casinos even encourage you to use crypto due to it also being a safe way for them to accept payment without the risk of fraud.

Instant withdrawals

Another advantage of using Bitcoin or similar is that the transactions are instant, both deposits and withdrawals. Often withdrawals take at least 24 hours for the online casino to process, sometimes up to 72 hours or even a week. For many gamblers, the withdrawal time is crucial when choosing a site and nothing competes with instant withdrawals.

Privacy and anonymity

The number of traces there are of every individual user of the internet is scary and many of us value our privacy enough to not want our information used and exploited indefinitely. Bitcoin payments offer complete privacy, and you can feel safe that no one of your personal information will end up in the hand of third parties.

Enjoy free transactions

Many Indian banking methods for online casinos come with a fee, usually ranging between 3-5 percent. This means that if you were to deposit 10,000 rupees using your credit card, you would end up paying an extra 500 rupees just in fees. When depositing with cryptocurrencies on the other hand, more often than not, they are free of charge. This means that you don’t have to pay an extra amount when depositing and you also get to keep everything you withdraw.
One might think that should be obvious, but as that is far from the case, it furthermore proves Bitcoin a solid option for your online payments.

Which casinos accept Bitcoin payments

Both Bitcoin and online casinos have a somewhat bad reputation and combining the two might feel risky even with above mentioned advantages in mind. To make sure both your money and personal information are safe, CasinoWings has compiled a list of safe and secure Indian Bitcoin casinos to choose from. All of the sites listed have proven records of being honest and professional in their dealings with their visitors.

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