Bitcoin Casino USA

In this Bitcoin Casino US guide, we explore if it is legal for US players to play casino with their Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. We provide tips and tricks to avoid common mistakes and pitfalls. Check out the guide and learn about the two different methods to play Bitcoin Casino from the US.

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Despite New Jersey being one of the first states to make online casinos legal, the use of Bitcoin for online gambling and Betting is still prohibited. The reason for this is most likely because at a Federal level, BitCoin (or any cryptocurrency for that matter) is not a legal tender. This means that this digital currency does not enjoy any of the legal protection or legal monetary status that standard world currencies enjoy. This legal grey area means that there can be little protection as well as regulation of the players if the tender they are using has no legal validity. Moreover, digital currencies may also encourage off-shore casinos to launch operations within the State of NJ – another reason for the government to forbid the use of Bitcoin as well as other cryptocurrencies. It should be mentioned that despite the absence of cryptocurrencies, New Jersey casinos allow several payment methods to their players including Neteller, Skrill, debit and credit cards, wire transfers and much more.

Bitcoin casino in the US

Welcome to the Bitcoin Casino US guide for US players. Let’s kick things off with the question on everyone’s lips.

Bitcoin Casino US - Can I play Bitcoin casino in the US?

I know the feeling of uncertainty that the question brings.

The short answer is Yes you can. The longer answer is that it depends. So let’s take a closer look at Bitcoin gambling in the United States.

First of all, there are no regulations in the US that apply specifically to bitcoin casinos.

However, there are important laws on a federal level that restrict online casinos in general. So on paper, there is no official American bitcoin casino.

Or at least a US-based online casino.

All the Bitcoin casinos featured here are operated outside the US.

Let me guess, you start to cringe of the bare thought of playing on an online casino based somewhere else.

Questions start to pop up in your head like:

  • Is it safe?
  • Are my bitcoins safe on an offshore site?

Look: there are some good news and some bad news.

And then some more good news.

The good news is that we have all been there asking these questions. So you are not alone.

The bad news is that there are sites that are not the safest to play at.

The good news again is that we have scanned the Bitcoin online casino market and vetted each site in such a way that we are sure that they never experienced such scrutiny!

So if you want to know everything there is to know about playing bitcoin casinos in the U.S keep reading.

This is a guide for the American player who wants to gamble with bitcoins in the US.

Since there are no official US BTC casinos, the players need to look for US friendly bitcoin casinos instead.

The US friendly bitcoin casinos allow US citizens to register and play. However, the T&C often state that it’s up to each player to know the local rules of their country.

So let’s take a look at how to play with your bitcoins in the US.

Two methods to play with bitcoin in the US

For US bitcoin players there are several ways to play online. The first, and most popular is to play at a US friendly casino which allows US players to register and play. There are about 30 online casinos which do that.

The second option is to use a VPN (Virtual private network) to bypass contingent IP bans. In the sections below we will describe the pros and cons of each method.

1 US friendly BTC casinos:

Casinos that allow US players to join is the most popular solution for American players. As described on the start page there are two kinds of bitcoins casinos.

  • The fully developed one.
  • And the hybrid casinos.

Just to be sure, a quick recap:

  • The fully developed_[Dedicated] _BTC casinos do everything in BTC, deposits, play and withdraw. On a hybrid casino the player can deposit in BTC, but most often is limited to credit cards, or different eWallets like Neteller, Paypal or Skrill to withdraw money.*

To learn more about the different casinos check out our optimal Bitcoin Casino guide.

By playing at an entirely dedicated bitcoin casino, there are no records of credit card transactions or similar which help you keep your anonymity.

The real BTC casinos rarely do KYC because they don’t care about the identity of the player, primarily if the casino isn’t licensed.

But be careful.

Staying anonymous is undoubtedly a great thing, however, remember that it is hard to retrieve your casino account, if you lose the login details.

The other type of sites is the Hybrid Casino.

The hybrid casinos often have more games, since there are more game developers for fiat currencies than BTC. But they also almost always are regulated and need verification documents.

On these, you can say goodbye to anonymity.

The potential issues when withdrawing money is an argument for BTC players in the US to choose a pure bitcoin casino.

As a measure of safety, before depositing any money, please ask the support if it’s OK for you to play to be sure.

Some casinos, especially the licensed ones, will need to verify your identity before you can withdraw the money. Ask the support, whether it will be a problem upon withdrawal if you are a US resident.

Fact: You never know what rules change, what the casino will do so it is better for you to choose a bitcoin casino instead of a hybrid one.

As you can see, playing in a bitcoin casino US comes with some risk, it’s up to each player to choose where they want to play.

2 Playing with a VPN:

The second option involves using some third party program to change your IP and play at a casino that blocks US players.

However, it may be hard to find a casino that will be OK with this. Again, you need to make sure that the support allows you to use the site entirely.

We don’t want to sound like a broken record but in this case, it’s essential:

If, you choose the VPN method to play bitcoin casino in the US check if you’re allowed to do that.

No customer would like to win big, and they cannot withdraw the money.

Again – read the terms and ask the support.

Let’s be honest, the disadvantage is obvious.

It can (but doesn’t have to) be risky and illegal.

In the end, it is up to you if it is worth it.

The advantages in playing on a casino through the VPN are however straightforward.

You will have a more extensive choice of places to visit.

What’s more, you can choose a safer casino with a better license. There might be much more opportunities there. For example, a more extensive variety of games.

That’s one way for someone loving to play the rarest video slots on a US bitcoin casino.

As you can see, the players participating in bitcoin gambling the US do so with one of the two methods above.

If you are trying to launder money or use the bitcoin casino for other criminal activities, you are going to have issues in the US. All casinos will do KYC, if they suspect any criminal activity like money laundering.

So don’t even think about that!

We know what you are thinking.

Great! Now I know how to play but is it legal for me to play?

This is where it gets a bit tricky so let’s take a closer look at what is going on.

Although the USA does not forbid betting and online gambling on a federal level, different states have different laws and regulation.

The jurisdiction of the US bans casino sites from operating in the country. But it is not so clear if players are allowed to play in the casinos.

So_the first step_for you is to find a casino that is not based in the US.

Most aren’t.

_The second step_is to check the state law in the state that you are playing from.

In other words, a resident of the US can play in an online casino if the state has a law allowing it.

So which states allow it?

If you live in New Jersey, Nevada or Delaware you are allowed to gamble. Offline as well as online.

However, if you live in Washington it is illegal to gamble.

Well, what about the rest of the states?

Most other states don’t consider gambling to be unlawful.

That’s right, in other words, it is a grey area.

So for most US players, it is a good idea to:

    1. Ask the casino directly if they accept US players


    1. Use a VPN and bitcoin wallet not based in the US


    1. Do both.

Best US bitcoin casinos 2019

At the moment there are around 30 US bitcoin casinos.

By that, we mean bitcoin casino where that lets US players register and play.

In other words, if someone wants to use the first method, he has 30 casinos to choose from.

If you look to get a VPN and sail on the greater waters, there are many more. In general, there are over 200 bitcoin gambling websites in the market.

Only a few casinos don’t support English. However, most probably a US citizen wouldn’t be allowed to play there anyway.

To sum up there are over 200 different bitcoin-specific sites and at least 30 that accept US players.

But which is the best US bitcoin casino for you?

The topic of the best bitcoin casino USA isn’t easy to start.

First of all, there are multiple aspects of each casino. Therefore, the best or the worst casino title most often comes down to personal preferences.

For example, there might be a person that value promotional offers. Then, the best BTC casino US for him is the one having a promotion for each day of the week.

However, the casino might have a small welcome bonus, and for someone who values it highly, it’s not necessarily the best website.

Nevertheless, we will try and give you some choices of possibly the best bitcoin casinos in the US.

Which will be the winner we leave for you to decide!

Advantages for**US residents**of playing on a bitcoin casino

Choosing a bitcoin casino in the US has many essential advantages.

First of all, some of the websites will allow you to stay entirely anonymous.

It’s key in the days when we need to share our details everywhere.

Many services continuously collect data about us and sell that to advertising companies.

The Bitcoin currency is different.

It’s still unregulated in many places, allowing you to feel free from continually providing your details to big companies.

Secondly, a real bitcoin casino most of the times don’t pay taxes. Lower costs of running a casino let the operator prepare better bonus offers for you.

The third advantage of a bitcoin casino is the fact that you don’t pay a fee for transactions.

Because bitcoin processes all transactions by itself, you rarely need intermediaries. Therefore, you can transfer bitcoins directly to your wallet in the casino.

Disclosure: You might need to pay a fee to the miners just like with all other bitcoin_transactions_to have your withdrawal processed faster.

In other words, you don’t need to bother and check if there is a payment option available for you.

If you use bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, you can quickly deposit without tedious methods that also charge a fee.

The holds true with withdrawals.

Bitcoin withdraws are mostly free and almost instant.

That’s a great option for anyone that merely hates waiting up to 2 weeks for a pay-out.

Finally, another advantage is that you can play with multiple cryptocurrencies.

Of course, Bitcoin is the most popular one, but there are others like Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, etc.

On the other side of the coin cryptocurrencies, in general, can be quite volatile.

A gamble in its own right.

So we like to point out that for some this might be seen as a disadvantage.

For others an opportunity.

The important thing is to be ready for some swings in the value of the currency.

Bonuses on bitcoin casinos in the US

In the casino world, there are a lot of rewards to claim.

Having fun in the casino is the priority for players.

And besides playing, you can get some more fun by participating in great promotions and tournaments.

This also holds true in the best bitcoin casinos in the US.

Probably the most attractive bonus in all online casinos is the deposit bonus.

It’s often referred to as a match bonus.

In the bitcoin casino industry, you will find some of the best deposit match bonuses.

For some reason, the bonuses are more generous in the BTC casinos.

In some casinos, US players can get a Bitcoin casino bonus up to 5BTC.

It’s almost impossible to find a casino using fiat currencies with that high of a bonus.

A standard for the industry is also the wagering requirement.

It is no different here, and everything works the same.

However, sometimes you may get much lower wagering than the usual, which is around x30 of the deposit and bonus.

Sometimes a casino may refer to BTC with mBTC, which is 1/1000 of a bitcoin.

Thanks to that, it’s much easier to play, because typically, you use much less than an entire BTC.

But there are more bonuses than that.

For example, there are no deposit bonuses.

Sometimes these are the rewards you get only for registering to the casino. In other words, you don’t have to deposit to get the bonus.

And sometimes its bonus money you can use to play games or free spins.

In both cases, you need to complete the wagering requirement just as with a regular bonus.

But that is just fair don’t you think?

Online gambling in the US

Let’s pause for a bit and go back to the legal aspect of online gambling in the US.

The most important act forbidding online gambling is the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (UIGEA).

It doesn’t explicitly prohibit online casinos from operating, but it does that indirectly, by banning all internet money transactions for gambling.

Still, some of the casinos use the loopholes in the law to offer the services to the US customers.

It is here Bitcoin comes into play.

Since the law prohibits transactions going to casinos for gambling you can’t use credit cards or other methods to deposit.

But since Bitcoin is a decentralized independent currency it can bypass the UIGEA.

So, is the online gambling legal in the US?

Once again, Yes! At least in a few states.

In others, it is a grey area.

It means that we as American players, can’t fully and legally register to online casinos for the most part.

When it comes to online Bitcoin gambling in the US, it’s the same.

However, if you like to play bitcoin casino in the US for fun, as an individual, you probably won’t face any problems.

The law fights against the providers of online gambling services, not the individuals using them.

The FBI fights with customers only if they are involved in criminal activity. For example, if they are involved in money laundering.

If you use a US bitcoin casino for the sole fun of gambling, no one should have any issues.

Given that, if you look to play with bitcoins, you can use US friendly bitcoin casinos.

Such bitcoin casinos very often don’t check your identity.

Most of the times, the platforms provide pure cryptocurrency experience – you deposit with cryptos, play and withdraw with them.

No regular money is available to deposit or play with.

What’s more, such casinos most of the times work under jurisdictions with unregulated gambling laws based out ot the US.

BTC sport betting in the US

When it comes to sports betting, the law is the same.

The only officially allowed form of sports betting online is fantasy sports betting.

However, if you want to get into bitcoin gambling in the US, you can.

The same applies as when playing online casinos.

Either find a sportsbook that allows US players


Use a VPN.

Not optimal we know but we have to play with what we got.

Bitcoin for sports betting gives you remarkable opportunities.

That’s because sports bookers don’t have to pay high taxes.

The BTC sportsbooks can offer better odds, which means you have a higher chance to win.

An example of sportsbook available for US players is Fortune Jack.

New bitcoin casinos in the US

Currently, there are about 30 casinos that are open to residents of US to register and play.

In 2017 10 new bitcoin casinos opened their doors to the US market.

This trend has followed with new bitcoin casinos in the US for 2019 as well.

Since the industry is so new we do expect more sites to come online next year as well.

This is great news for US players.

The market increase the competition and the result are better services.

But more sites also equals more bad sites.

The solution?

You’ve guessed it! of course!

Our site was created to keep track of all new casinos, good and bad.

So choose one of our top US bitcoin casinos and you can rest assured that you will maximize your casino experience.

We thoroughly review all online bitcoin casinos so we won’t miss any new event in the market.

A word of caution

The majority of casinos that continue to accept U.S. customers are located in unregulated jurisdictions that do not assist players in the event of a dispute with the casino.

A significant number of offshore casinos that accept U.S. based customers are what the industry terms rogue casinos due to some reasons.

That may include slow payments, onerous and deceptive terms and conditions, and even outright refusal to pay winning players.

For these reasons, we advise players always read the terms and conditions of a bitcoin casino.

We also recommend to contact the support and ask your questions before playing on the casino.

Open only one account, don’t give the casino any reasons to avoid paying out your winnings.

By following the rules in T&C, reading reviews contacting the support you minimize the risks issues when you want to withdraw your money.

Keep in mind that online gambling in the US is illegal.

A player is responsible for his actions.

A player is to know if he can lawfully play at a given casino.

In this article, we describe how to play Bitcoin Casino US; we don’t advice anybody to do that if it is illegal.

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