Bitcoin Casino Italy

Italy has a long history of gambling. However, until the early ’00s, the law was very strict and allowed citizens to basically only bet on sports. Nowadays, though, you can legally play bitcoin casino in Italy. These are casinos that got a license from the Italian authorities. The license may be hard to get to some of the bitcoin casinos. Therefore, you can find websites that have an EU license, but not specifically the Italian one. In this case, authorities claim to fight the casinos allowing their services to Italian customers, but not you as a user. Finally, you can try to use VPN to play casinos that ban customers from Italy.

Play at an Italian bitcoin casino

Given that, there are 3 ways to play bitcoin casinos in Italy. You would probably like to learn more about them if so, we’re happy to show you the pros and cons of these methods.

  1. First of all, you can play one of the bitcoin casinos with the Italian license. These are usually big players in the market and provide very good services. The advantage of choosing these casinos is definitely the fact you are entirely safe. Such casinos usually have only the most trustworthy licenses – and one of your countries at the top of that. Therefore, there’s a very small chance you will get a bad experience or issues there. You can be also impressed by the newest software the sites got. Moreover, the websites are designed very well in order to allow you a smooth entertainment.There are also some disadvantages of that choice. BTC casino in Italy has to pay high fees for operating. Then, it may or may not – but there’s a possibility – that the promotional offers and bonuses of the casino will have to be lower for your country to compensate, for example. You also need to pay a tax on your winnings from a casino. However, many players value bitcoin casinos, because with this currency it’s hard to track transactions. Therefore, there’s a possibility to avoid paying taxes. But given that this is a legally operating bitcoin casino, it may be impossible to do so. Finally, Italy bans some games, for example, the Netent provider. If you want to play every game there is on the market, that may be not the best choice for you.
  2. Secondly, you can play at an unlicensed bitcoin casino. However, keep in mind you should ensure that you are able to fully use the website. Therefore, it’s good to ask the support and thoroughly read the Terms & Conditions before depositing any money. This is in order to ensure you won’t have any problems when, for example, withdrawing funds.An unlicensed bitcoin casino can have some unique games and offers for you. Moreover, you skip the game restrictions, therefore you can play any game that is available on the website. You have a wider selection of casinos to play. The promotions may be bigger, the same may happen with bonuses. If you look to use BTC to not pay a tax for gambling, then these places would be much better. Moreover, usually, such places don’t ask for your personal details.The disadvantage is quite obvious, though. The biggest one is safety, sometimes, the casino may be a scam if it’s unlicensed. Thankfully, it rarely happens. Still, we highly advise reading opinions and reviews of it before playing with real money. Finally, keep in mind this is illegal in Italy.
  3. The last possibility to play a BTC casino in Italy is quite tricky. You can access a casino that bans players from Italy via a VPN program. Such service will change your IP address to the one from another country. Why is it tricky? The casinos have different policies towards the use of VPN. Moreover, the licensed casinos featuring regular currencies and bitcoins will most likely need to verify your identity. You could get into issues when trying to withdraw the money. Therefore, always ask the support if it’s OK if play with VPN. When it comes to pure bitcoin casinos, so casinos that allow you to do everything with Bitcoin, the sites don’t care that much about your details and rarely ask for it.The advantage of that is the fact you can play nearly every casino in the market. Keep in mind, though, it may be hard to find a licensed casino that accepts VPN players. What’s more, we need to inform you that’s illegal to play this way as an Italian citizen.

To summarize

The short list above tells you about 3 possible options to get into bitcoin gambling in Italy. Please remember that only the first one respects the law of Italy. Generally, Italian authorities aim to fight with the websites and not the users. Still, be careful and remember you’re responsible for your actions. Bitcoin is generally a safe currency, it’s also hard to track the transactions. Although, the topic, especially considering Italy, is constantly evolving and it may change in future.

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Advantages of playing at an Italian bitcoin casino

Thankfully, as an Italian resident, you have an ability to play an online bitcoin casino legally. Generally, such casinos have a lot of pros. For example, a pure bitcoin casino will have your anonymity increased, to say the least. There can be also the casinos that you simply register with an e-mail – no details required. Although these rarely have the license. The bitcoin currency is still very anonymous and it’s hard to track transactions. Therefore, there is a possibility to play in such casino without giving up any of your details. What’s more, the payments with Bitcoin don’t carry fees. It’s a perfect currency for gambling.

If you look for a BTC sportsbook in Italy, then you can check out bitcoin casinos that also offer a sportsbook. Especially the ones not licensed in Italy will have their operating costs decreased. Then, you may expect much better Italian bitcoin sportsbook offers and promotions.

Bonuses at bitcoin casinos in Italy

The good news is that the Italian customers can normally take part in promotions and bonuses. A bitcoin casino bonus in Italy is very popular and it’s sure you’ll be able to get one. The most popular are the match bonuses on deposits. You pay 1BTC and get 2BTC to play, for example. There are casinos that may give you even a couple of BTC as a bonus. Given that, imagine how much it is worth in real money. Rarely a regular casino can match that.

Best Italian bitcoin casinos 2018

There is a lot of bitcoin casinos on the market, and an Italian resident can have quite a big choice. There are over 60 bitcoin casinos that allow Italian players to register and have a lot of fun. You may also prefer the casino featuring your home language, in that case, you may find about 18 Italian bitcoin casinos. Which are the best casinos? It highly depends on the player’s preferences.The best Italian bitcoin casino 2018 are naturally casinos in Italian. In the table below you’ll find the best bitcoin casinos in Italian.

[pods name=table slug=Casino in Italian template=Table]

Gambling in Italy today

It shouldn’t be very surprising that Italy has been familiar with gambling for a lot of time. We can go back even to the times of Rome, where some of the first forms of gambling where invented. Back then, it all started among the legionaries. Thankfully, today anyone can gamble and have a bit of fun.

But the history wasn’t that important for the Italian government in the modern days. For a long time, gambling in Italy was entirely illegal. Although, the skill-based gambling was recognized as fair, and therefore allowed. This was, for example, the sports betting. The first milestone in allowing more gambling activities happened in 2006 when the law got a few updates. For example, skill-based real money games like Hold’Em Poker were allowed. Since then, the law was liberalized further. That’s all very good news for us. The government made more games legal, and today you can play even slots games in Italy.

But when it comes to the legal requirements for the online casinos, the law is still very strict. In order to apply for a license, the casino needs to pay a one time fee of €200,000. Moreover, the amount of licenses is limited. Finally, there are also obviously other fees to pay. Therefore, you can imagine it may be challenging for the smaller players on the casino market to compete. Perhaps it would be even unprofitable to even get a license in the first place. Then, you may expect that the legal casinos in Italy are mostly the biggest online casinos.

When it comes to bitcoin casino Italy, this is no different, although the Italian government recognizes bitcoin as a possibly dangerous tool. Then, in near future, the law may get even more strict when it comes to online bitcoin casinos.

BTC sport betting in Italy

In Italy, the sports betting was always considered a skill-based gambling, and it was allowed for a long time. Therefore, it’s not a surprise there is a lot of the best sportsbooks in the Italian market. What’s more, the BTC sports betting in Italy 2018 is going to get an even wider choice. The powerhouses of the sports betting industry like the Pinnacle, Winamax and Marathonbet apply for the Italian license. When it comes to strictly BTC sportsbook Italy, you may check out FortuneJack, or a

New bitcoin casinos in Italy

The Italian market has already been quite a big player in Europe with over 60+ BTC casino that allows you to register. What’s more, the list constantly grows and in 2017 several casinos joined to the list. New bitcoin casinos in Italy will probably provide the language support for the country. Out of about 60 websites, only 18 supports it, so there’s definitely the room for improvement. If the Italian government won’t strict the law for bitcoin casinos, we will have a great competition in 2018.

A word of caution:

Thankfully, the Italian market has some decent, legally licensed bitcoin casinos. In order to provide you with a complete list of Italian bitcoin casinos, we’ve contacted support and read the terms of each site. However, something might change or we could miss some important information. That’s why you should always make sure that you can play at a given casino. If you plan on playing in an unlicensed casino, please remember Italy recognizes it as an illegal activity. Moreover, such casinos operate in unregulated jurisdictions that offer no assistance for you in case of issues. Unlicensed casinos can delay your payments or even refuse to pay out the winnings. Be careful before depositing any real money. Please remember that we don’t do recommendations on this page and you are responsible for your actions.