Bitcoin Casino Germany

Germany has a very strict law for their own, domestic casinos. However, it’s kind of surprising it allows you to play all the foreign casinos that have a trustworthy license. Moreover, Germany also doesn’t stop their citizens to play with bitcoin. All of that creates a little confusing, but generally very good state. As a citizen of Germany, you can play legally at licensed online bitcoin casinos. However, you won’t find a strictly German bitcoin casino, because domestic online gambling is forbidden. If you seek to find the information on how to play bitcoin casino in Germany, read on!

Play at a German bitcoin casino

Because there are no casinos explicitly licensed in Germany, you won’t find a casino especially dedicated to this country. On the other hand, it’s hard to see a bitcoin casino that would ban German players from playing. It possible to play legally at a licensed casino, and secondly at the unlicensed one. Then, it seems there are two ways to play bitcoin casino in Germany. Let’s quickly talk about the choices and their most important pros and cons.

We’ve already explained there are no online casinos with a German license. Therefore, you can play at a foreign casino that has any permit. Officially, it should be some European one, the most famous being Malta and the UK. Given that, you have a vast selection of German BTC casinos, and that’s one of the best pros about it. Therefore, you can search for the best bitcoin casino bonus in Germany. The vast variety allows you to choose a casino depending on your preferences. For example, if the safety is most important, you can choose a casino with the license of the UK Gambling Commission. There are many other conditions; you can also look for the bitcoin casino with the most significant offer of games, etc.

This option has no cons. The only would be the fact that licensed casinos will most likely require all personal details from you. If you look to be anonymous, these casinos may not be the best options.

Secondly, you can play at a casino without the license. Such casinos on our site always have less than four stars to inform you about that. The lack of a permit doesn’t necessarily mean that a casino has to be a scam. However, such websites often have disputes with their customers. Some deny withdrawal or prolong these, etc. Playing in such casino is like a Roulette, ironically. Because such casinos don’t have a license, there are some advantages from that. First of all, these are usually full bitcoin casinos that will let you do everything in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Moreover, such places don’t need to verify your details. Therefore, you can be entirely anonymous in that place. What’s more, the casino doesn’t pay for a license and probably spends a lot fewer fees. Then, it may offer you excellent bonuses and promotions.

The cons are not surprising – there is always a risk when playing in an unlicensed casino. You can refer to opinions and reviews of it, but that’s hardly insurance of a safe experience.

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Advantages of playing at a German bitcoin casino

There are many advantages of playing in a bitcoin casino in Germany. First of all, some players value the fact you can try to avoid taxes with bitcoin. It’s possible, especially if you are playing anonymously. It’s not only hard to trace the bitcoin transactions, it’s also a grey area in many countries’ laws. Moreover, a bitcoin transaction has no fees and the deposit is very easy. It’s very similar to withdrawals. With regular currencies, you need to often wait longer to get your money. With bitcoin, it’s usually near instant.

When it comes to the BTC sportsbook in Germany, you may play these just like casinos. Generally, everything is OK if they have a license and are foreign. If the website doesn’t have a license, you can get the advantage of it having fewer fees to pay. It may be that you’ll get more profitable odds there and various good promotional offers.

Bonuses at bitcoin casinos in Germany

German players do not only have a great selection of casinos, they also have a great selection of bonuses and promotions. There are no bonus restrictions specific to this country. Therefore, you can get any bonus you want. There are the regular bonuses like deposit match up or free spins. Some of these can get even up to 5BTC. Now convert it into real money and think if there’s a regular casino with such offer. Bitcoin casinos have some of the best bonus offers in the industry. Sometimes, there’s also an amazing bitcoin casino no deposit bonus Germany. These are usually free spins – simply register and play without a deposit. A quick way to have some fun!

Best German bitcoin casinos 2018

Currently, you can register for nearly any bitcoin casino, there are easily over 100 of them to choose from. Moreover, there are over 40 that allow you to switch to the German language. Such big language support shows how the German BTC casinos value their customers. Considering the big selection of casinos, it’s hard to tell which is the best German bitcoin casino 2018. It’s a subjective topic, because casinos have different aspects, and each of them may be more or less important to a customer, depending on their preferences. Still, we would like to show you some of the most renown German bitcoin casinos

Gambling in Germany today

The main legislation that regulates gambling in Germany comes from 2012. It governs the rules of both land-based and an online gambling in Germany and it’s called the Interstate Treaty. In Germany, each state has its own specific laws towards gambling, although all of these signed the treaty. The main goals of it are to provide a good customer protection and to fight the black market.

But what’s interesting for us is the fact that online gambling in Germany is entirely banned. It’s actually a bit counterintuitive. To clarify, the European Union forces Germany to allow its residents to play at all licensed casinos. This is because Germany has no law that would make it possible for a casino to get a German license. Therefore, Germany only bans online gambling that operates on their own soil. A bit confusing, isn’t it? But that’s actually a very good news. It’s legal for every adult German to play at a bitcoin German casino if it has a trustworthy license.

When it comes to the bitcoin currency, Germany recognizes it and accepts it. Moreover, currently, Germany has no specific laws towards gambling with bitcoin. Therefore, a citizen of Germany can play at any licensed bitcoin casino.

That’s all very good news for us. It would be a shame if the residents wouldn’t be allowed to take part in bitcoin gambling in Germany. The country has one of the biggest populations in Europe, which is currently 82 million citizens. Meanwhile, there are only 81 land-based casinos. This is more because of the strict law rather than the low popularity of gambling in the country.

BTC sport betting in Germany

In Germany, you can also play foreign sports betting sites. Here, similarly, you can choose very popular, licensed options like, Cloudbet or FortuneJack. These guarantees you a safe and fun experience with the most modern technologies. BTC sports betting in Germany can be also done on a not so legal note. Playing in an unlicensed sportsbook has similar advantages and disadvantages to the unlicensed casinos. It’s generally risky, but you can expect better offers and increased anonymity.

New bitcoin casinos in Germany

The entire bitcoin casino industry is available to the German player. It would be not profitable for a casino to resign and ban German players. This is because the German market is very profitable. In 2017 there were launched new casinos like Cozyno or Wild Tornado. The competition for a German customer is high, and we can expect it to grow in 2018. We hope for a lot of new bitcoin casinos in Germany to show up in 2018. Hopefully, the bigger selection of offers, bonuses and games will make our experience even better in the current year.

A word of caution:

The majority of bitcoin casinos allow German customers to register and play and the licensed ones are generally safe. When it comes to the unlicensed casinos, though, keep in mind it’s not considered legal for you to play them as a resident of Germany. Moreover, such casinos are located in unregulated states that do not assist players in the case of a dispute with the casino. What’s more, you may encounter delayed payments or not fair terms and conditions. Research depositing any real money to such casinos. Remember, you are responsible for your actions.