Be a Professional Trader While Keeping the Time Free

The above is so true for many cryptocurrency investors. All in all, few of us really do know how to make profits on the market. Most of the investors are people who have their daily lives and jobs, who can’t sacrifice much time to do the research and trading.

Many could agree that this had led to many situations when people lost their life savings due to adverse trading decisions.

There are solutions, though.

One of them is undoubtedly OpenBlock. It works simply. You buy the OpenBlock tokens (OBC), and the powerful AI makes the trading, increasing the value of the investment.

It sounds quite familiar, especially to an unfamous brand like Bitconnect, which also claimed to have a trading bot. Since the collapse of that coin, though, all the services really started to care about security.

Still, let’s answer an important question; is the OpenBlock safe?

Is there a risk associated with OpenBlock?

To be honest, with cryptos there is always a risk. The difference is that it’s sometimes a tiny risk, while during some other times it’s huge.


But let’s start with assessing the security of the entire OpenBlock project.

A few basics to check when joining any service is to see the details and the transparency. Here, there is everything that you need. At the website, there is a white paper explaining all aspects of OpenBlock. It consists of 17 pages.

There is a referral programme, which is a similarity to the before mentioned infamous Bitconnect project. Currently, there is no customer service, but the site claims it will be available in the future. The registration is not anonymous.

The terms and conditions of the site are detailed and quite lengthy. We’ve looked through them briefly. They seem to be fair and regulate the interactions between the customers and the site in a reasonable, detailed manner.

The activities of the bot are often streamed on YouTube, when you can see its actions and how it works. It’s also possible to see the past broadcasts.

Security conclusions

All in all, the similarities to some infamous projects are raising concerns.

On the other hand, the OpenBlock is a transparent platform. It has a proper white paper with detailed aspects.

What’s also important and wasn’t brought up before, the cost of the OBC tokens is quite low right now, and the supply is strictly limited. It means that people can’t even make significant investments right now, which is contrary to how scam sites would act.

Therefore, we believe OpenBlock is a safe project.

How do I join OpenBlock?

You can register on their website. It’s worth to mention that the process requires some of your details. Therefore, it’s not an anonymous platform.

To acquire the OpenBlock tokens, you can buy them during the presales or mainsales.

How does the bot work?

First of all, the program trades 24/7, potentially maximising the profits. As we have said, often you can see it trading on live streams. The bot trades over 20 cryptocurrencies pairs at a time, which also makes it more beneficial.

The OpenBlock tech uses c++ coding, and the algorithm is based on a script. It is mainly done in Python. You can read more regarding the OpenBlock tech details in the white paper.

I wish to know more!

You can learn everything you need regarding OpenBlock on the website. You can also see their youtube channel to get to know more conveniently.

What’s interesting about OpenBlock is transparency.

The website is not afraid to show you how it is done. Here’s everything clear, so you don’t have to worry about any unfair practices. The site doesn’t promise you huge profits in a short time. It’s a one that keeps both feet on the ground.

Conclusions – what do we think about OpenBlock?

All in all, we think that’s an interesting idea, especially for small investors. The price for a token starts low (0.5$) to steadily increase as the OpenBlock acquires more customers and gets more popular. At the time or writing, it’s still just $0,65 per token. If it’s something one would want to try out, it can be a decent option.

However, have in mind that our site focuses on analysing bitcoin casinos. Generally, we don’t make any recommendations – especially when it comes to cryptocurrency services, which are not our primary focus. We merely describe various platforms. It’s always up to you to decide if it works for you or not. We bring the best knowledge we have when analysing various places, and believe customers use it in the way that suits them the best.

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