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  • No deposit bonuses at the moment

The SWC online Poker website brings you some great qualities every Poker site should have. There is a vast range of games to play and an entirely bitcoin experience with safe services. It’s not a giant powerhouse, though, instead, it’s a small place that may be a lot of fun for casual playing. While the site excels at the things we have mentioned, it also has some shortcomings like lack of a deposit bonus. Still, that’s a site that’s worth taking a look, and if you are interested, we welcome you to the SWC Poker review.

The SWC Poker bitcoin casino has a lot of bitcoins in bitcoins. In other words, while some sites tend to include only BTC deposit, this website is all about cryptocurrencies. It means there is also full anonymity. It may lead you to think the site has little security – it would seem. Thankfully, that’s quite the opposite. For the reasoning, head to our safety section. As there is full anonymity, we assume there is no country restriction at all.

It’s important to note that in this bitcoin casino there is no instant play. Maybe the website would find more enthusiasm from the customers if it would add that. Poker sites disregard instant play Poker, as it has many flaws. Still, some regular tables with low bets or specific variations maybe should be in instant play so that the site would have more traffic.

Is it safe to play at SWC Poker?

The website doesn’t have a license. However, it’s a regular occurrence in full bitcoin casinos. The lack of it may mean a lot if we encounter lousy player feedback and proofs of unfair casino practices. Thankfully, none of this is the case here. Players report the site to be fair and safe to play. The casino also includes an advanced system of treating players funds, making the experience safer. Other reliable reviewing sites also have good opinions of the page, although some are harsh towards unlicensed gambling.

The website also ensures fair gaming to players – it promises your opponents won’t have any advantage, and if you suspect some unfair activities, you can always report that to the support. On the final note, we can add the site has a standard yet an essential feature of secure SSL Connection. In the light of all these facts, the lack of casino license means little.

What about SWC Poker bonus?

The site has no welcome bonus or regular promotions. Therefore, there is no SWC Poker free BTC. Still, the site has a form of loyalty program. It’s called Krill. The Krills are like the well-known in the market comp-points. In other words, you get the points as you play and gain specific rewards for them. In case of the SWC Poker, you accumulate Krill and reach higher levels based on the total amount you have. The more significant threshold you meet, the more rakeback you get. Moreover, the points never disappear, decrease or reset. Once you got to some level, it stays forever. Krill also has an added bonus to it – freerolls. You can get free chip depending on the day and the amount of Krill you’ve claimed. See the promotions page on the site for more information regarding that.

Which are the best SWC Poker games?

The full list of SWC Poker games that are available on the site:

  • Chinese Poker
    • Chinese Poker
    • Open Face Chinese (OFC)
    • Pineapple Open Face Chinese (OFC/p)
  • Flop Games
    • Texas Hold’em
    • Omaha
    • Omaha Hi/Lo 8-or-better
    • Big O (Hi)
    • Big O8 8-or-better
    • Courchevel
    • Courchevel Hi/Lo 8-or-better
  • Stud Games
    • 7-Card Stud
    • 7-Card Stud Hi/Lo 8-or-better
    • Razz
  • Draw Games
    • 5-Card Draw
    • 2-7 Triple Draw
    • 2-7 Single Draw
    • Badugi
    • Badeucy
    • Badacey
  • Mixed Games
    • A.
    • A.
    • E.
    • O.E.
    • Triple Stud
    • O.R.S.E.
    • 7-Game
    • 8-Game
    • 9-Game
    • 10-Game
    • 12-Game
    • Dealer’s Choice

It is impressive considering the website isn’t huge. And all of that is available entirely in the bitcoin currency. However, the biggest flaw of the games in SWC Poker is something outside of it – low amount of players. The traffic on the website isn’t significant as of now.

SWC Poker – Poker

The website offers only Poker or card games, so it’s virtually all about it, and we’ve covered that in the games section. When it comes to the rake, the maximum on the website is only 2,5%. The lowest rake is as little as 1%. Refer to the website’s FAQs to see the tables. What’s more, no rake applies for flop game hands which do not make it to the flop. That is also true for draw games. If you take into the account the fact that the rakeback system in the SWC Poker goes up to a max. of 50%, then you get a site with one of the lowest rakes in the world. The SWC Poker also features tournaments.

Is there an SWC Poker mobile website?

Since the bitcoin casino is only available with a downloadable client, there is no point in reviewing the mobile version of the site. The page itself provides only necessary information and an ability to download the client.


The website, although small, seems like has it all. There is a vast selection of games and tables. The Poker offers full cryptocurrency experience while being entirely anonymous. Moreover, the website is safe to play. Finally, the rake is barely noticeable, and the loyalty program includes rakeback that lowers it even further. However, as we have said, the site has a few flaws – and all of them come probably from the fact the traffic isn’t significant. You can fix the low amount of players right now, and that’s the only the site needs to become a top-tier industry’s fully bitcoin Poker room.

TOP 3:

  1. Safe full bitcoin Poker
  2. Up to 50% rakeback
  3. Entirely anonymous

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