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PrimeDice is an online website featuring only the bitcoin dice game. Before bitcoin casinos, when the cryptos were just becoming popular, someone had the idea of making a simple Higher/Lower game where we would use the coins to gamble. Since then, there were tons of similar sites created, and the PrimeDice may be the best among them. Why is that? One of the best PrimeDice jackpots ever – over 100BTC to win. On the top of that, a massive community and many active players. That’s just the beginning, for more, read our PrimeDice review.

The website features only cryptocurrency gambling, so you are anonymous here. The three main cryptos to wager are Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. The site has a huge traffic of over 700 players gambling during most hours. Its popularity is deserved, though.

The site itself is quite simple. It works correctly; there is an active chat with some abilities like a PM or sending someone a tip. Someone received a 7BTC tip it seems, so if you make friends with high rollers, you may be a happy man. However, we don’t like the fact you only can chat, if you wagered the amount of 0,000158BTC. It may seem to be necessary, though, to protect chatters from bots and scammers.

Is it safe to play at PrimeDice?

The site has the Curacao license as well as the Crypto Gambling Foundation verified operator certificate. Both approvals make the website much more trustworthy, especially that recently Curacao improved its assistance to players. In entirely Bitcoin websites the certificates and licenses aren’t as relevant as players feedback. Here, the bitcoin casino seems to be happy with favourable opinions of its customers. The proof of that is the fact there are so many people online playing and having fun.

We also need to mention the website has a fair dice, where you can verify each of your bet. There is also a secure, encrypted connection present, so your account is protected.

What about PrimeDice bonus?

The PrimeDice bitcoin casino has no regular bonus. But it has a forum, and you can find there the challenges in which you can win PrimeDice free bitcoin! There are different quests to do that. For example, you need to win with a specific multiplier or roll some number. The prizes are quite high, for instance, 0,16BTC. Outside of that, we haven’t noticed any other promotions. Why would one need more, if these are already great!

Let’s not forget of the PrimeDice progressive jackpot that currently has about 112BTC to win! To get the entire pot, you need to win it with a bet of at least 0,01BTC. Smaller stakes will yield you 10% and 1% respectively for over 0,001BTC and 0,0001BTC bets.