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Welcome to the KingDice online casino featuring only one game – like it usually is with the dices. There are some exciting features that the KingDice offers – for example, the investment option. The website also has a design which is just eye-candy. Looking for a great bonuses? The KingDice bitcoin casino has an exciting monthly contest where you can win a fair share of 1BTC. There is much more to the website than just that. For more, read our KingDice casino review!

Most of the dice sites are full bitcoin casinos. We haven’t seen any dices supporting fiat currencies. It’s strictly connected to cryptos as only that type of money that can be freely exchanged, also between players on the same site. Some of the dice sites also include slots to play, but that’s not the case here. The only game here is the KingDice itself, and the place is fully implementing cryptos.

The website has the easy to navigate layout, and you can register here only by providing your username. It’s not that hard, then, to get into the fun. The accessibility increases thanks to the widespread addition of the faucet. It’s tiny, though, only ten satoshis. Still, it’s good for someone who wants to try out the website even before registering.

The KingDice also features the chat. Most of the dice bitcoin casino sites have that. You can see the chatters, view their profiles or send them a tip. There are two languages to choose from – English and Russian. Sadly, there weren’t many chatters as the site had low traffic when we were doing the review.

Is it safe to play at KingDice?

Since the casino has no license, we need to refer to other traits when assessing its security. In the market, few reviewing pages recognise the site, but those who do have positive experiences. The player’s opinions are also scarce. That is probably because the site doesn’t run for a long time, it still has yet to make the impact on the market.

Therefore, we cannot make a valid statement whether the site is legit or not. Although we can’t ensure the customers about its reliability, we also have no reason to say it’s an untrustworthy site.

The KingDice provides essential yet significant safety measures like the two-factor authentication and the secure connection encryption.

What about KingDice bonus?

There is no regular deposit bonus or welcome KingDice bonus. However, you can claim some BTC with the Monthly Wager Contest. The prizes pool is 1BTC. The 1st person that wagers the most gets 0,7BTC and the 2nd and 3rd places get 0,2BTC and 0,1BTC respectively. That’s not a lot, but it’s better than nothing, and the site surely will add more competitions as it gains popularity.

Another thing that can be considered a bonus is the invest feature. It’s not much to explain here – you can add some of your money to the site’s bankroll. The bankroll has a specific amount of percentage of your money in it, and you will earn this of the bitcoin casino’s house edge.