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Finding a suitable platform to play your favourite online casino games may be challenging even for the players who spend time in reading reliable reviews about online casino sites. Though you may be able to find trustworthy casinos online, there are very few that offers security and privacy to its players. Luckily, CryptoGames bitcoin casino is one of the highly reliable and secure platforms where you can not only play the popular games like dice, slot, blackjack, roulette, video poker and lottery but also experience utmost security using only cryptocurrencies.

In one of its kind total cryptocurrency operated bitcoin casino, CryptoGames bitcoin casino was launched in 2014 as a slot machine site. Based on the notion of responsible and safe gaming, the site offers the fun environment to play all the popular games and maintaining the high-end security for the cryptocurrency transactions. Keeping in mind several questions among the players, this CryptoGames review will cover all the important points to ensure that you have all the necessary information about the CryptoGames online casino to play your favourite casino games at peace.

To start with CryptoGames bitcoin casino do not require any registration process keeping it safe and easy with unique user ID which gets stored in the cookies for 14 days period. You can deposit your virtual cryptocurrency to the deposit address shared by the site. Within 5 minutes you will be all set to get ready for the game time. However, since cookies are only stored for 14 days, its recommended to add an email address to your account to avoid losing all your funds. You can deposit and withdraw your scored winnings in ten different cryptocurrencies including popular currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Dogecoin, as well as relatively new Darkcoin/dash, Gridcoin, and Peercoin. The minimum deposit amounts are 0.0001 bitcoin, 0.01 Litecoin, 0.01 ether, 0.01 dash, 100 Dogecoin, 6 Gridcoin, 0.05 Stratis, 0.02 neoGas, 0.1 Peercoin, and 0.01 Monero. The players cannot exchange their winnings into other cryptocurrencies.

The platform gives you 10 withdrawal requests every day and with no withdrawal fees, the time duration can go anywhere between 6 to 60 minutes depending on the currency. The transaction fee is covered by the site effectively making the bitcoin casino a de-facto cryptocurrency exchange.

CryptoGames safety feature?

CryptoGames is the brainwork of tech experts which has been developed completely in consideration to the player’s security and privacy online especially when the real money is involved. The site pretty much makes it very clear in their introduction that CryptoGames is a platform for all those people who want to gamble using the virtual currencies responsibly and safely.

Though the site has “ No Registration” requirement if players wish to enable security, they can easily set up the two-factor authentication using the Google two factor authentication application.

In order to protect your cryptocurrencies on the site, the site uses offline and cold wallets like other bitcoin casinos online. Your account is active with hot wallets that hold enough funds for daily transactions. CryptoGames casino features Provably Fair technology that makes it impossible for players and casino to cheat.

CryptoGames bonus & promotions

Another important area where CryptoGames ranks high on the competition is the bonus and promotions. The online cryptocurrency casinos run very different promotional structures. Most of the sites don’t offer any bonuses or CryptoGames free bitcoin, but this platform ensures that players get the best bitcoin bonuses offer. The site provides faucets known as The Rain Bot for its players in every three minutes where you can request to play with 0.00001 BTC. There is a great chance of increasing this faucet bonus based on your referrals to the sites and the quality of the messages in your chat.

Besides faucets, there are various other ways to get rewards and more bonuses through wagering contests on their games. Three users to wager the most will get good rewards in the form of CryptoGames free BTC or respective cryptocurrencies. Since there are no classic welcome bonus or first deposit bonus, you will not find any CryptoGames bonus code on the site. Crypto Games also offers the interesting referral plans where players account gets credited with 25% of the house edge on the bet made by referred players.

If you’re looking for a casino which offers you a casino bonus, then we recommend you to take a look at Ridika Casino.

Are there any CryptoGames free spins?

CryptoGames bitcoin casino offer play-money as well as free play mode for players to actually test the games without depositing. This is down through the reward system where players are restricted to have a number of free game plays during 24 hrs period. During the free plays, players get CryptoGames free spins to test their luck. Apart from this, there are no other free spin options or any other standard CryptoGames promotions which is one little disappointing factor. There are no free spins during the real play games.