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Welcome to a real bitcoin casino. Few online casinos can compare themselves to BitcoinRush. Here you can deposit, play and withdraw potential winnings in bitcoins. In fact, everything on this gambling site is about bitcoins. The casino was established already in 2013 as one of the first bitcoin-friendly casinos.

Bitcoinrush bitcoin casino is not like other casinos you might find online today. It is a gaming platform from Monster Byte where all games are unique to the site. In one other aspect Bitcoinrush, online casino differentiates themselves from the pack – The only country that is restricted in the US. Players from countries like France, Spain, Russia and Turkey are more than welcome to enjoy the excitement of this site.

In this Bitcoinrush review, we will take a closer look at the site, their bonus and VIP program and some of the games. In the end, we hope that you have all the information you need to decide if this is a casino you’d like to play at. Let’s dive into the review.

Bitcoinrush is not the flashiest bitcoin casino you’ll find on the market today. In fact, the design is more of a classical casino bitcoin. The supply of games also indicates that this gaming platform is highly focused on unique games rather than waste selection. We find it charming however and worth more attention.

What about Bitcoinrush bonus?

We have already mentioned that Bitcoinrush does things differently than other sites. Instead of a standard 100% BTC bonus you’ll get bonuses on every wagering you’re doing, no matter if you win or lose. On the Bitcoinrush promotions page you can read about 4 Tier levels in the VIP program: Red, White, Black and Gold. Depending on how much you play can affect your bonus of the day.

Every day you begin at Red Tier and the multiple 1. The more you play, the higher up in the VIP program you get. If you manage to wager 1 BTC during a day, you’ll get to the multiplier 2.5. In the table below you can see how much bonus you get in each kind of game, you’re playing.

|Video Poker|0.16%|0.24%|0.32%|0.40%|
|Bitcoin Rush|0.10%|0.15%|0.20%|0.25%|

Bitcoinrush free bitcoin bonus is something you’ll get daily.

For example:

If you play High-Low during one day and wager 1 BTC, you’ll reach the Gold level in the program. Your account will be credited with 41.7mBit. This Bitcoinrush free BTC will come every day you play. It is a bonus structure that fits some, others not. The big PRO is that the bonus is endless. The bonus will be there as often as you play and you don’t need to lose to get a cashback on your losses. You can even withdraw money that day and get a bonus.

Are there any Bitcoinrush free spins?

The wagering bonuses in combination with lack of slot games make free spins redundant. Hence there are no Bitcoinrush free spins to acquire when we published this review. For those players who like free spins bonuses, we can recommend taking a look at our bitcoin bonus page. There you’ll find all kinds of bitcoin bonuses to play with.