Bitcoin Dice

If you are a newcomer to the bitcoin world, you may not know about the bitcoin dice. However, bitcoin dice gambling was prevalent when it came out, and it hasn’t lost its glory. That’s why you should know at least a bit about the topic. Thanks to this guide, you will understand bitcoins and its network better. What’s more, it’s a kind of necessary thing to know about the bitcoin. If you are a fan of cryptocurrencies, that’s something you should be aware of.

What are the advantages of our guide to dice bitcoin? Read this guide, if you want just to get an idea of what bitcoin dice is. We will define all the terms you may not understand and explain how everything works. The longer you read, the more you’ll know about bitcoin casino dice. That’s convenient, isn’t it? What’s more, if you look for a bitcoin dice review, you can browse our site. We feature reviews of the best bitcoin casinos, many of which include a bitcoin dice that’s provably fair.

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Guide how to play bitcoin dice

How does it work?

Bitcoin dice is a straightforward game that’s also often considered as the purest game of luck.

For example, the range of numbers is 1-100, and you selected the number: 50. You need to say if the randomly generated number in that range will be over 50 or less than 50. Therefore, you have 50% chance to win.

However, you can also choose another number from which you will guess. For example, you can set the game to bet that the next number will be “less than 33,33”. Then, you have a 33,3% chances to win. What’s interesting, your winnings will also be x3. Therefore, the higher the risk, the bigger the reward. So, in this case, if you bet 1mBTC, you will win 3mBTC minus the % of the house take. The house take is usually small. If it is 1%, then your winnings will be 2,97mBTC.

What sites to choose?

Are there any differences between each bitcoin dice sites? Yes, apparently there are. First of all, although the game is simple, it’s not sure that the one on the site is provably fair. The game is so simple that even an amateur programmer can create a version of it. However, when you are on the bitcoin dice website, it’s good to look for some certificate. It should be there in order guarantee that the game is tested and genuinely random. Many times site explain how the randomness work or offer you to put seed to the dice manually. The result will be calculated based on your seed.

Secondly, you need to choose the lowest house take. The lower the % of your winnings operator gets, the more money goes to you. It’s straightforward.

You also need to decide what the type of site do you want to choose. There are websites with only the bitcoin dice. These include chat, levels and significant overall support for the game. You may also encounter a free bitcoin faucet that will give you free Satoshi to play. On the other hand, you can play a bitcoin dice in the bitcoin casinos that include them. The advantages are quite simple to predict. The most important is – you are not limited to one game to play.

Important terms:

  • Satoshi – The smallest fraction of Bitcoin that you can currently send. One Satoshi equals 0.00000001 BTC.
  • μBTC, mBTC – The first is a micro-bitcoin, 1μBTC equals 0,000001 BTC. The latter is millie-bitcoin, mBTC equals 0,001BTC.
  • Bitcoin faucet – Some websites with bitcoin dice give you an opportunity to claim free Satoshi, μBTC or other free values to play.
  • House take – A percentage amount that the owner of the dice gets from your winnings. The smaller the percentage is, the better for the player.
  • Roll of Chance – Another name for the Bitcoin Dice.
  • Martingale – A strategy for games with 50/50 outcome. On the loss, you double the stake to win big finally and cover the previous losses.

Best bitcoin dice sites

We’ve already said what the best features of a BTC dice website are. So what exactly are the best bitcoin dice sites 2019?

  • FortuneJack – Quite popular casino licensed in Curacao. It offers full bitcoin and other cryptocurrency experience. It provides a full range of casino games besides the dice. The house takes BTC dice is 1%. For more info, you can check out the review on our site.
  • CryptoGames – Also a real cryptocurrency casino website. It has a license of Curacao and offers you a tiny house edge for dice of 0,8%. What’s more, you can use the faucet on the site to get free 0,0001BTC to play.

These are our two quick picks; however, there is much more than that. When choosing the best bitcoin dice site also refer to the safety of it. For example, the above choices all have the Curacao license. It highly increases the credibility of the website. You may expect well-working customer support and protection from scams.

Bitcoin dice games

Bitcoin dice games are elementary. The core must be the same – so is the ability to make various bets. The rest, you can change, like the visuals, for example. However, most of the customers don’t care that much about the graphics. Most people like the pure nature of a bitcoin dice.

The simplest bitcoin dice games will have a few features. For example, you can only choose a bet amount and, of course, how you want to bet. Therefore, you can choose a chance to win that will change your current base number. You can also change if you want to bet whether the result will be lower or higher than the base number.

The best sites have well-developed dices. An example may be the dice from Fortune Jack. There, you have a wide variety of choices on how to play your bitcoin dice game. You may auto roll and use various strategies you can set manually. For example, you can set the amount you want to stop at on profit. On a win, you can also increase your base bet automatically by a fixed percentage. Or you can only return to the base bet. You can do the same for the loss. Finally, you can set the number of rolls you want to make. The dice also feature a chat, scoreboards, my bets history, etc.

Bitcoin dice strategy

There are various strategies for playing the bitcoin dice. But what is the best bitcoin dice strategy? We guess there isn’t a best one, as the game is always random. Nonetheless, we would like to present you a few tricks players often use.

The first and most common strategy for bitcoin dice betting is Martingale. It is straightforward. If you have a 50/50 bitcoin dice odds, then you bet on one outcome constantly. For example, more than 50 will be rolled. Each time you lose, you double the stake. On paper, it has to work, because finally, you will always get back all of your loses. However, you would need to have infinite funds for that. What’s more, the streaks of the same outcomes with 50% chances happen way more often than people think.

Because the losing streaks are often the reason this method fails, people invented Martingail to break even strategy. It gives you an additional loss that’s way easier to withstand. Instead of instantly doubling the bet after a loss, you bet next time with the same amount and then double the bets.

Finally, there is also the inverse Martingale. It works exactly like the original one, you double the bet on your winning streak. Then, no matter when you lose, your accumulated winnings cover the big loss for you. It allows you to take advantage of your lucky moments.

Another strategy includes following the patterns of a bitcoin dice. You can do everything you want here. Simply record the results of dice (a good dice will show you the results history). Then, you try to make sense out of that. You look for patterns and thanks to them you try to predict the next outcome. It’s amusing to get something out of that, and many people do it.

Bitcoin dice bonus offers

In the bitcoin casino world players take advantage of many bonuses. Why would it be different for the bitcoin dice? The most popular form of a bonus here would be perhaps the faucet that gives you free fractions of BTC to play. The amounts are very low, but it’s perfect for someone with no money, but a lot of time.

The best sites also feature a bitcoin dice deposit bonus, however, keep in mind a big bonus isn’t the most important. That’s why you shouldn’t be that much impressed by the numbers themselves. For example, a pure 100% match bonus is very good if the site is legit and fair. Many customers look only for the most prominent deposit bonus. But actually, the most important on the casino website is safety and provably fair games.

Bitcoin dice mobile

You can easily use bitcoin dice on mobile. However, we haven’t seen bitcoin dice sites that would have their separate mobile apps. Therefore, you should probably stick to using the browser. The Fortune Jack’s mobile website shows an ability to play the dice on mobile, but for some reason, it didn’t work for us. On the other hand, on the Cryptocurrency bitcoin casino, the dice works flawlessly. The separate sites that offer bitcoin dice only rarely provide a mobile version.

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