Bitcoin Casino UK

The UK has a regulated gambling market. The regulations make it extra interesting for bitcoin casinos. As a result, we have put together this bitcoin casino UK guide to help find the best BTC casinos available for UK players.

Great Britain has a modern law considering gambling. The country ensures that the citizens are well-informed about the dangers and how to play responsibly. As you can expect, you are free to get involved in the gambling activities. What’s more, you are free to play bitcoin casino in the UK, too. There is a couple of ways to do that. With this article, you can get the essential information on how to play at bitcoin casino UK. Let’s learn about every option we have!

Play at a UK bitcoin casino

If you would like to play bitcoin casinos in the UK, we describe the options available. Furthermore, we mention the advantages and disadvantages of each choice. We aim to give you all the information you need to make a right decision.

  1. The first option seems to be the most simple one. And it may also be one of the best. You can play at a bitcoin casino with the UK Gambling Commission license. The profits of that are quite significant. The most important one is that the Commission protects you. Again, it’s the best license in the industry. You get full support in case of any trouble with the casino. What’s more, you can send a complaint to the Commission when you have issues dealing with the casino. Another significant advantage of this casino type is the fact you have access to the provably fair games. These usually come with a big choice and are provided by the best brands in the industry. Excellent customer support is also the highlight of such places.There are some cons about playing in a fully licensed casino. First of all, you need to prove your identity, so give up all of your private details. Moreover, most of the casinos with UK Gambling Commission license are not entirely using bitcoin. They allow you to deposit with bitcoin, but that’s all, then the coins convert to British Pounds. Because of that if you want to play with bitcoins in UK entirely, you probably need to refer to other options. The choice here is quite good, but of course, you can extend it even more.
  2. The second way is to choose a bitcoin casino UK that has a license other than the one from Gambling Commission. This choice connects the good things from the UK licensed casinos and the unlicensed ones. That’s why it’s the most popular choice. For example, safety here is still quite good, as the casinos have Malta or Gibraltar license. Not to mention you can often find full bitcoin casinos here. Those websites allow you to deposit and play with bitcoin. You can also enjoy a bitcoin dice as well as some other rare games. The disadvantages are similar to all licensed casinos. You can’t be anonymous here. However, that option extends the number of casinos you can choose.
  3. The third way is to play at a bitcoin casino without a license. It’s the riskiest way. When playing in an unlicensed casino, you can’t expect support in case of issues with the casino. Then it’s important not to give a reason to the casino to scam you. You shouldn’t do multiple accounts, for example. Some players often experience delayed withdrawals that should be instant with bitcoin. Furthermore, sometimes, in case of dispute, the casino may refuse to pay you the winnings. However, that’s the only option that lets you stay anonymous. The bitcoin transactions are hard or impossible to track, especially if both you and the receiver don’t collect data about that. But keep in mind that in the case you’ve lost login credentials to the casino, you won’t recover it. On the final note, you can find some rare games on the sites here.
  4. The final option is to use a VPN program to play at the casino that bans UK players. However, we list it as the last option. You need to make sure that the casino is OK that you play there. Upon withdrawal, you need to prove your identity, so the site can refuse to pay winnings to you. That’s why it’s so essential to ask the support whether you can play with VPN here or not. In general, the full bitcoin casinos understand that more than the standard ones. There you have all the traits of the second option; the only difference is that apparently, you have the maximum possible choices here.

Best UK bitcoin casinos 2019

There are many options to find the best UK bitcoin casino 2019. First of all, you can refer to your own experience and preferences and find on the internet. But you can also see our site. We feature a casino of the month as well as the top casinos. Among the best bitcoin casinos UK there are Cozyno, Fortunejack or Of course, to make your top casino list, you need to know your preferences and have experience with bitcoin casinos.

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Advantages of playing at a UK bitcoin casino

Bitcoin gambling in UK is still in its early phase as there are few bitcoin casinos with UK license. But BTC casinos have some advantages over standard ones. Currently, it’s hard to find a deposit method that wouldn’t charge fees from you. However, bitcoin transaction carries no fees. Therefore, you can freely deposit and withdraw bitcoins at the casino without additional charges. Furthermore, both the deposit and withdrawal with BTC is instant. It’s also hard to keep your details safe nowadays. Often even deposit methods require you to fill up the personal info. Meanwhile, usually, full BTC websites don’t check your personal information. In that case, all of your bitcoin transactions are anonymous.

Another thing that a player can profit from is the lack of license in some of the bitcoin casinos. The lack of license often means the casino doesn’t need to pay taxes. Then, it’s easier for it to offer you significant bonuses. It also applies to the UK bitcoin sportsbook where a player can benefit from higher odds.

Bonuses on bitcoin casinos in UK

As a UK player, you can benefit from all the bonuses in any casino that welcomes UK customers. Not to mention the UK licensed casinos. Moreover, a bitcoin market has some of the best deals to offer. Often you can benefit from the 1-2BTC welcome offer. Of course, you have to deposit a lot to get that much. However, it still beats most of the regular market. There is standard wagering requirement that also applies to the bitcoin casinos. What’s more, players consider free spins and a no deposit gift as some of the best UK bitcoin casino bonuses.

Gambling in the UK today

The United Kingdom has some of the most modern laws considering gambling. Therefore, it’s the leading market in the casino industry. That’s because the UK has it’s own Gambling Commission that cares about the UK customers. The license often works also as a seal of approval, as it’s one of the most valued ones in the world.

The law of the UK allows online gambling. The website has to have the UK Gambling License. If you want to play at the offshore casinos with licenses, you can also do that. In general, you can play anywhere you want, because the law doesn’t prohibit you from playing. It instead prevents unlicensed casinos from allowing you to play. It is often the case in many countries.

The UK is a powerhouse in gambling. Great Britain has a 34% market share in of the remote gambling sector in the entire world. What’s more, thousands of British adults enjoy gambling. The UK Gambling Commission ensures that the people don’t get addicted and provides support for people vulnerable to problem gaming.

What about bitcoin gambling UK? In general, the above means we can play in both licensed and unlicensed casinos. Not to mention there is no gambling tax for the customers. It is because the government doesn’t consider casino winnings as an income. Therefore, you don’t have to pay a tax for that. That applies to bitcoin, too. It’s both profitable and convenient for the UK customers.

BTC sport betting in UK

In the UK players especially enjoy horse racing and golf. However, all the most popular sporting events get enormous popularity, too. What’s even more, the full bitcoin sports betting in UK benefits from higher odds and better bonuses. That’s why many players choose such sites. Some of the most popular places for that are FortuneJack, Cloudbet, and

New bitcoin casinos in UK

As the bitcoin is still relatively new, the market grows to answer for thousands of enthusiasts out there. In 2019 there will be undoubtedly new bitcoin casinos in UK. In general, more of the casinos benefits the customers. It is because you have a more extensive choice. Besides that, the competition increases which leads to the casinos increasing the quality of their services to compete in the market. Back in the year 2017, there were some great casinos launched: FortuneJack, Cozyno and more. There is undoubtedly more to come. To be up to date, you can check our website as we feature the news section.

A word of caution:

To compile the list of UK bitcoin casinos on the page, we have contacted the support and read the terms and conditions on each site. However, the information might change and even if we try to keep the lists updated there might be changes that we miss. In this case, you may get trouble when withdrawing funds. If the bitcoin casino doesn’t have a UK Gambling Commission license, it may ban players from the UK. Therefore, it’s important always to do your research before you deposit any money into the account. Read the terms and conditions carefully and ask the support if anything is unclear to you.

We provide information. However, keep in mind we are no lawyers. Therefore don’t treat it as legal advice and remember you are responsible for your actions.